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Flight Rising

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Keileon, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Staff update. And gene preview!


    I love the looks of this gene. Holy shit.
  2. David has two XXY/XYY Blood/Crimson Mirrors with matching eyes for sale for 10G each and five Crystal/Facet/Smoke hatchlings (Mirror and Guardian) for sale for 10kT each.
  3. Vipera and Hypnotic have been released and I need a Wildclaw with Vipera

  4. [​IMG]

    Flight Rising will have a registration window this month from April 8 to 9. I know at least one person ( @Ziolang ) has been wanting to join, but if anyone else wants to join, this will be your opportunity.

    If anyone wants advice on what Flight to join, just ask. The Flights and what members are in which are listed in the OP.
  5. Is there a reason why registration is limited like that?
  6. @Gist Flight Rising is still a small site and their servers can only handle so many people at once (as evidenced by the extreme lag on the first Light holiday, or more relevant to us, the event in late December) so they tend to want to upgrade their servers before testing them out. The last few registration windows were all in succession (October, November, and extended in December) and for a while it was fine but then their first major event after December's window overloaded the server for a couple of days.
  7. Added Zio and Gist to first post.
  8. New Words on the Wind, with some pretty amazing news.

  9. Goddamnt.... XD
    So uh... Today, I decided to do some scavenging... Literally, the first thing I got was a Shadow egg... My luck... XD

    Also, awesome new coliseum venue. Check it out.

    EDIT: And then I got another egg! What the fuck?! XD
  11. My most recent buys;

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  12. ah damn it I keep forgetting I "play" this game. 

    Nice snags Kuda o:
  13. Got this pretty for free in a giveaway in Lightning.

  14. If anyone gets extra copies of the following skins, I will buy them for Marketplace price.

    Bark Warrior
    Sylvan Swirls
    Springly Sprouts

    I only need one of each, but I will buy multiple copies of Bark Warrior if I have the Treasure for it.

    Edit: Have all four, will still be buying Bark Warrior when I have the money.
  15. http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/frd/1456393
  16. [​IMG]


  17. Registration window on the 13th.
  18. Wildclaw scrolls just cycled in for a week
  19. Glimmer's just been released and there's a registration window on the 20th.

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