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Flight Rising

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Keileon, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. Because we all love dragon adoptables, right?


    I was originally going to wait until the next registration window to post this thread, but it got extended to 5:30am PST tomorrow, so there's time yet.

    Flight Rising is basically a game where you can buy, sell, breed, fight, genetically engineer, and dress up thirteen different species of dragons. Registration is usually only open for 24 hours once a month due to server load or somesuch.

    You can join one of eleven different elemental groups called Flights: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, Lightning, Light, Shadow, Nature, Plague, and Arcane.

    So far we have these ZEJ members in these Flights:

    -- @"The Kakuzato" >>

    -- @Ziolang >>

    -- @CodastertheDisaster >>

    -- @Keileon >>
    -- @LaTyrannia >>
    -- @Starrie >>
    -- @"Timber-K" >>

    -- @CerberusLycan >>
    -- @"Lord X-Giga-X" >>

    -- @"Copper Monoxide" >>

    -- @Gist >>

    My progenitor welcomes you.


    Some things to do when you join:

    This thread is insanely useful for anyone just joining: Click

    WIP newbie guide covering some different concepts:
    First things first, you want to go to your Flight's private forums- specifically the sales forums- and trawl for giveaways. These forums are located at the bottom of the first section, like so:

    When you get there, you'll probably see something like this in the main forum:
    Always look for the newbie check-in and directory threads. The people who posted them will tell you what to do and how to go about the site. It's different from Flight to Flight- Lightning is all about productivity, so we have a lot of threads like this even if they aren't stickied.

    This is what you'll probably find in the Sales forum:
    Take advantage of these, but pace yourself. Your lair will fill up VERY fast and it takes 5k Treasure to expand the first time.
    You can also look for these threads in the public Dragon Sales section, but they're rarer.

    Currency. The basic currency of Flight Rising is Treasure, which can be obtained very easily even though it may be a pain to save up. Premium currency is Gems, which you can buy with real money, buy from other users at a ratio of about 450 Treasure per Gem, or get them (sometimes rarely) as rewards or bonuses.

    Save your Treasure until you can at least get your first Lair expansion. After that I'd probably either start saving up for armor (see my friend Alethios up there) or buy dragons from the Auction House.

    Unless your Flight has Dominance (more on this later) or you've kept your clan's average energy above 80% for three days, you have a total of ten Gather turns per day. In your first few days I would spend a couple turns in each of the food-gathering areas, then spend the rest in either Scavenging or Digging. The element of the area determines what exact items you will get, the element of unhatched Dragon Eggs found by Scavenging, and whether or not you get holiday currency (click Festive Favors in the sidebar to learn about this). After you've built up your food stock, I would recommend getting the rest of your food from the coliseum and spending the majority of your gathering turns either Digging or Scavenging. You can get chests in the former, and eggs in the latter, but eggs are much rarer.

    Dominance is a site-wide competition between Flights where results are tallied every week.
    Right now, Light is Dominant, and Lightning and Plague are fighting for top position for next week.
    Dominance is determined by the ratio of Exalted dragons in a week to the amount of players active that week. Basically: the more a Flight Exalts its dragons, the better it'll do in dominance. The Beastclans are an NPC that work as an uncoordinated Dominance push, meaning they tend to fall between Flights actively trying to get Dominane and Flights just waiting it out. Since this weak has Plague and Lightning fighting it out, the other Flights aren't really interfering. If the Beastclans score a position in the top three when results are tallied, no flight receives that slot's bonuses.

    Making money is fairly easy. In about 45 minutes, you can get through all your daily activities (Gathering, Familiars, Pinkerton, Tomo Trivia, etc) and make somewhere between 8kT and 10kT if you're not unlucky. This doesn't count Fairgrounds (up to 75kT per day!), Exalting, and the Coliseum, however! Exalting payout varies based on level and it's not usually worth it unless you need the lair space or your Flight is pushing for Dominance. Coli is hard to get into and can be tedious, but has incredible payout with some luck and properly-leveled dragons.

    The Fairgrounds are an entirely different beast. I would recommend focusing on Shock Switch- half an hour of play on Easy can easily net you 12kT or more. Tidal Trouble is a second choice- with no time limit, it's slower and more relaxing, and gives immediate payout, but you nly get a few hundred at a time. Jigsaw has decent payout, but takes much longer. Higher or Lower is good for quick cash just to accept a 1-Treasure Crossroads trade, though it can add up as you can do it many times a day. I do not recommend Runestones of the Arcanist at all.

    {more to come soon}
  2. I have done it! I have gotten 4 Guardians in 2 days without exactly meaning to! I am truly the greatest.

    Also Kuda, remember to include that bit about the Beastclans under Dominance when you update the post. Mostly because it's actually relevant in that screenshot.
  3. * Copper Monoxide pounces

  4. Cody I'd offer a male to breed with that but none of mine are ready to breed right now :<
  5. That's fine, she isn't ready at the moment either. I'm trying to fond prospective mates is all.
  6. Hm, Scappare will grow up tomorrow and be ready in two weeks:

    Taevarth will be ready in eight days:

    Antix in two weeks:

    And Elfryn in eight days, but I was going to pair him with someone else:
  7. http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=mb&board=frd&id=1275559&page=1

    @Starrie @"Lord X-Giga-X" @"The Kakuzato"
  8. Look at this pretty hatchling I just picked up.


    Unfortunately, she won't be able to breed for 24 days, and I have a perfect mate for her =/
  9. Picked up these three Imperials in the last few days.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ... I hoard Imps.

    ... which means I'm always low on seafood. Anyone got extra?
  10. I think my dragons stole an egg from a Plague nest.

  11. Anyone got extra Treasure lying around? I have about six days to get up to 1.1 mil and I'm at 220k right now.
  12. well...let me know if you get any Nocturnes. I'd like to get my hands on one.
  13. Good news: Finally managed to get all of my missing achievements. Hooray!
    Bad news: Well, it's a bit of a story...

    So I went on FR and saw the bit about the Nocturnes. Went "Oh sweet!" before going back to my day business. And that was without actually checking the announcement, so I ended up using all of my gather turns on Scavenging. After that, I did other things before actually going to check announcement. Imagine my facepalm when I realized I was spending all of my turns in the wrong place. Nevertheless, I decided to go to the Auction House to see if I could buy one off of someone.......... Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaah, let's say that's certainly not an option for me. So I decided to try the next best thing and get a Strange Chest. But the lag I was getting combined with chests being bought by other people made things difficult. Despite it, I managed to buy one, but now there's one more problem...

    I can't get this thing out of the PM! Why, FR?! Why must you torture me like this?!

    EDIT: Actually shit, FR's just a laggy mess right now...
  14. Yeaaaaaah the lag is awful right now. Been waiting for Zimmer to attack this Dryad for five minutes.

    Also, Giga, you can get eggs by Scavenging anyway. Also fight Mimics in... well, at your levels, Woodland Path and Scorched Forest.
  15. Well yeah, I know that now. And even before then, Scavenging gave me nothing. Really, best thing I got from that so far was one of the dolls I got a few days back. Though Digging seems to be an easier method for this, so...

    Though really, I'm more bummed out that there's a Strange Chest stuck in a PM.
  16. I've been asking Lightning if anyone has any spare level 25s so I can farm in Arena, but after the dominance push we're all kind of exhausted.
  17. So I decided not to sell my Strange Chests yet. At least, not until I get a Nocturne Egg/Breed Change scroll.

    And good thing I didn't sell any. I might have ended up selling one that I just got a Jawlocker Familiar from.

    And on a related note, I don't know what's with my luck, but I've gotten a strange amount of Familiars today...

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