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RESOURCE Flemsystem

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Flimzy, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. I've been developing a table top system on the side recently. I can't really remember why or when it started, but it's nearing completion. (Though it's certainly not on it's way to getting named)

    Up to this point, the rules have been stored Here.

    It's starting to near completion, in my mind, so I'd like some help with it.
    Obviously I'd like to write the rules in a more formal way at some point, but I could use constructive criticism on my wording so far. Both in the sense of confusing wording and in format or missing information. Or, of course, any balance issues or unfun mechanics you see.

    But maybe more importantly than that I'd like to do some playtesting. It's really silly that I've done as little playtesting as I have. I've played it by myself mostly, which is fine, I'm sure that's part of why I started. I want to get it some play with others though, since that's what's opened my eyes to flaws the most last time.

    Of course this isn't technically the correct place for an interest check, but since I want feedback as well I'd like to hear both here.

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