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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by TorpedoTen, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. who plays it

    who has hector

    who has takumi

    because if you have 2 of both you instantly won the game
  2. Oh man I read the title in the animu voice that greets me every time I open this app

    Yeah I play. Unfortunately I had shitty luck on my summons and didn't realize you could upgrade your castle until I was way down the rabbit hole, so now I'm at an impasse as to whether I want to reroll and start from scratch for a chance at a 5star, or if I should just let things run their natural course and grind it out with the team I have.

    Add me up lords of Fire Emblem, my code is 8032801087. Username is Eebit and my friend unit is probably Est until I change it eventually
  3. dont restart because you need to get narcian hes really good and not getting him means you're only playing because of camillas fat tiddies
    his fe6 stats were ridiculous in the game for a boss wouldnt surprise me if they try to match it when you get him to 5s

    also >est >oldfag character

    good taste, ill send you an invite right now
  4. [​IMG]

    Finally got a 5 star. That took way too long. Lots of characters that I would have preferred (like Lyn) but whatever.
  5. I got lucky and pulled a 5 star Takumi on my second set of summons. The ability to counter melee for a bow user is bullshit. It's always been bullshit in every FE game that had it
  6. I also managed to pull 5* Takumi. He is busted. I completely agree with Kuori that giving him the melee-counter is completely broken, especially given that he has the Retribution move as his "purple skill."

    Roy is a pretty solid 5* to pull, though -- hopefully you can milk his added value in the arena!
  7. Because my 4 stars are all fliers (Camilla and Cordelia) when I see a Takumi in the arena I just have to hope that my Takumi has better stats

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