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Finite Eternity ~ Hollow Reflection

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Ziolang, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. So we need to fix a very serious problem the forum has. One: There's barely any RP's going on, and Two: We aren't handling forum RPs very well.

    So I want to start an entirely open-ended RP with very specific rules.

    1. Aside for very special circumstances [intro posts or other times you feel it necessary] a post should be no more than a single paragraph per character. The goal is to keep posts brief and reactionary; kind of like a chatplay. Of course, there is nothing wrong with long posts, I just don't want people to feel it's a requirement at all.

    2. The world is a blank slate. Kind of like the Galamion project, world building will be handled by the individual players in any way they see fit. However, do not alter the inventions of another player without first consulting with that player.

    3. There are no limitations on what you may have in this RP. Any character is welcome. Any extra-planatory influence is welcome. Any plot-line is welcome. Any powers, abilities, motives, factions, deities, w/e are welcome. Anything goes.

    4. There is no rule number 4.

    5. This one is actually a restriction. Despite the looseness of this RP, keep in mind that bunnying, godmodding, auto-hitting and any other action that forces another person's character is forbidden, unless of course that character's owner has granted permission so to do.

    6. Every player is effectively a GM; however to reign in potential chaos and to manage the rules, I will be taking on the role of Supreme RolePlay Absolute Dictator Of Listen To Me Or Else. (I'll be the final-say GM, is all)

    7. This RP is within the Manaverse.

    So before I dive into starting this thing, I need to know one very important question. What setting would we want for this? For now, it's going to be on a single planet [though additional planetary involvement will be allowed of course] which will act as the central location of the RP. What I need to know is what kind of planet to have? Modern? Classic Fantasy? Future-esque/sci-fi? A combination of? etc etc.
  2. Due to the nature of the Manaverse in general I'm partial to sci-fantasy, but I'm not even sure if I'll participate.
  3. I love seeing things like this.

    You can definitely mark me down as interested, of course (although I'm sure that much was obvious based on our discussion the other day). This calls to mind Cerby's Rantzen Literature, which had a similar premise -- at least, as far as post length goals went. But I think that having something with a more immediately-apparent premise backing it might be for the best.

    I noticed when I got up much earlier today and looked on Skype (to the IRC pipeline) that there was some discussion as to what planet this should take place on. I personally think that there is a lot of under- or flat out unexplored creative space within the many planets that are already up and running in the Manaverse.

    As far as genre guidelines go, I'm with Kuda. Erring on the side of standard Manaverse fare might be the best. Fantasy or sci-fantasy are in our wheelhouse, so we could probably stand to adhere to that with something experimental like this. I assume you'll be generating a plot yourself?

    One final note for anyone else reading this... I HIGHLY encourage anyone who has even the vaguest interest in the Manaverse (even if you don't know much about it) to reach out and give this a try. Don't be scared that someone uttered the word "Manaverse!" It's really not as overcomplicated as we make it sound sometimes. I would be more than happy to help bring people up to speed and discuss the Manaverse with anyone who wants to know anything about it. Just hit me up with a message via some form of contact (PM, Skype, highlight me on IRC, whatever).
  4. Aye, this is a multi-purpose RP designed to accomplish many things. To get those creative juices flowing; to try out characters, plots, idea, what have you; to introduce those unfamiliar to the Manaverse in a simple, hopefully non-threatening way; amongst other reasons as well.

    I will most likely be handling the initial plotline, but I also want this to open up as it progresses to allow any player the freedom to insert their own arcs, plots, w/e. So yeah, I'll get the thing rolling for the start-up and hopefully by the time the first "arc" or w/e ends we'll have a growing ball rolling on its own.
  5. Uh right, I might be interested, as soon as I get Eebit to explain to me what the Manaverse actually is.
  6. This is a short, general description of the Manaverse. If you want in-depth knowledge, it's all chronicled right here. If anything confuses you, just shoot one of us on the staff a PM with your question, and what we can do to help you understand. Any constructive criticism on the wiki helps everyone out :)
  7. Ayy I'm interested. I need to get more into RPing here anyway and this seems like a good way to start, so count me in.
  8. General consensus is pushing for the setting to be on Vansyr. The world is still "hot off the press" and Cod was willing to let us use it. It would be kewl, methinks, to have it open up with my main [whoever that may be] starting a clan in which anyone could then join in.
  9. I'm up for anything really, if I had to choose though it'd be fantasy.
  10. I'd be down for this.
  11. I was going to make a point of bringing up The Open World and the challenges that it faced during its brief tenure on ZEJ, but I figured I'd let the discussion simmer for a little bit before steering it that way.

    Personally, I don't think that it's inherently a bad thing to run a roleplay collaboratively. It has worked out just fine for our group-run chatplays (namely, Cult of Ustream or Algorithm of Fate). All of the involved parties are generally pretty open to the notion of collaboratively and steadily moving towards short- and long-term goals with the plots therein. But in those, there is also a general driving "force" or de facto person (or a few people) to turn to who can tug the reins if things start straying too much from the projected goals. When you look at CoU, at least, people have established where they want things to go in a rough sense, so the characters are able to follow that path, even if there's no singular GM.

    When it came down to it, the original Open World project didn't have anything. There was a serious lack of that "final authority" or otherwise, some sort of body/system in place to keep things on track. If you go back to the OoC thread, I think there were some cool setting-starter sparks in there, but people got hung up on the whole "well we COULD do this, or we could do this entire other thing" aspect of it and weren't focused enough on building off of one another's posited ideas. Ultimately, the project drowned in the constant swirling of ideas.

    With Zio in "control" (at least as much to start us off down some plot-driven path), and a setting that is already starting to be established in Vansyr, this is already in better shape than the original Open World project was. And besides, I think we're all self-aware enough to notice where things went wrong with the Open World, so as not to repeat our past failures.
  12. Additionally we're approaching a strong "open scenario"; ie it's going to include a clan run by my main character in an established world. Thanks to the openness of Vansyr and the generosity of its creator, we have a huge, open, world; yet with established foundations.
  13. If needed, I will take care of any NPC work that needs attending too. I'll also gladly answer any and all questions pertaining to Vansyr. Though, keep in mind it still isn't 100% finished--it's finished enough for this roleplay to take off, but I plan on having a map and some more unique flora/fauna added in.
  14. Would this require Character sheets?
  15. I'm not sure yet. I don't think they're needed; and actually it'd be kind of cool if we used the wiki as a means of tracking characters "profiles"~
  16. Ok so I'm mostly done with an introductory post; but I've got a few things before I start posting things.

    Firstly, any and all characters need to be PM'd to me before posting for them can happen. While nearly anything is welcome, I'll still need to screen characters before they become official. I won't need much: Name, Race, Gender, a brief description of the character, anything else you want to add. This will help maintain quality I think.

    Also, this RP is going to be moderated by me, but keep in mind that it's going to be the players, not just me, that define the success of Hollow Reflection. So come ready to give as much as receive~

    Are there any questions before this plane enters the runway?

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