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Fallen Plays! - Pokemon Insurgence

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Fallen, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]

    Hey guys, as the title says I'm going to be doing a "Let's Play" of a popular Pokemon fan-game called "Pokemon Insurgence", but instead of the usual videos I decided on just using pictures for this LP, for quick uploads and better interactions.  For those who don't know, Pokemon Insurgence is a fan-game made on RPG Maker XP, a sort-of spiritual successor to another Pokemon fan-game called Zeta/Omnicron.


    Before I start this LP, just want to ask you guys what kind of Nuzlocke/Challenge Run I should do or if I should even do one for this game. There are a total of 8 nuzlockes/challenges for this game, though I could play by some additional rules provided by you folks.  The Challenges are as follows:
    1. Nuzlocke - Fainted Pokemon CANNOT be revived by any source of healing ie. PokeCenter, revive, etc.
    2. Randomized - ALL Pokemon within the game are randomized(Starters, Trainer's, Wild) allowing for a more diverse approach to the game.
    3. PP Challenge - CANNOT restore PP by PokeCenter usage. CAN only use Elixir or Either to restore PP.
    4. Egg Challenge - The first 20 Boxes in PC are filled with eggs and once you catch/receive a Pokemon you can switch them out for a random egg.
    5. Solo Run - Can pick from any Non-Legendary Pokemon as a starter and ONLY use that Pokemon for whole game.
    6. Mystery Challenge - All Pokemon will appear as ???. Once captured, they will have their normal appearance and name.
    7. Non-Technical Challenge - UNABLE to use TM or HMs during this challenge.
    8. Bravery Challenge - CANNOT flee from any Pokemon battles.

    I'll start this LP once I get enough people to decide if I should do a challenge or not, or I'll just start this whenever haha.


    Current Team:
    1. Spoopy, Species: Delta-Charmander, Nature: Gentle, ITEM: NONE, CURRENT LEVEL: 13
    - CURRENT MOVESET: Twister, Scratch, Growl, Confuse Ray
    2. <Insert Name>, Species: Zorua, Nature: Timid, ITEM: Zoronite, CURRENT LEVEL: 10
    - Pursuit, Nasty Plot, Scratch, Leer
    3. <Insert Name>, Species: Metapod, Nature: Gentle, ITEM: NONE, CURRENT LEVEL: 7
    - Tackle, String Shot, Harden

    Pokemon in PC:
  2. Grab one of the older versions right off the bat so you can get Flygonite through Mystery Gift.

    also, not all challenge runs are nuzlockes



    People will tell you it's server based, not version based, but the Flygonite is an exception.
  3. Oh yeah, before I forget here is what the Starters for this game are. You can choose from four of them: Delta-Charmander, Delta-Bulbasaur, Delta-Squirtle, and Eevee(kek)

    Name: Delta-Bulbasaur
    Type: Physic/Fairy
    Abilities: Psycho Call, Regenerator(Hidden Ability)
    Mega Delta-Venasaur:[​IMG]

    Type: Ghost/Dragon​
    Abilities: Spirit Call/Dark Aura(Hidden Ability)​
    Mega Delta-Charizard: [​IMG]

    Delta-Squirtle AKA Ninja turtle​
    Name: Delta-Squirtle
    Type: Dark/Fighting​
    Abilities: Shadow Call/Shadow Dance(Hidden Ability)​
    Mega Delta-Blaistoise AKA BOWSER BOYS: [​IMG]

    Eevee(plain Mother-F*****)
    Name: Eevee
    Type: Normal Kek​
    Abilities: Run Away, Anticipation(Hidden Ability), Anticipation​

    The Delta Pokemon(Starters or ones you find) CANNOT be bred RIP​
  4. Hmm, @Keileon idk if I will download an older version for the Flygonite, it's 50-50 right now. And I edited some things from the first post.
  5. Delta Charmander. I have seen Mega Delta Charizard in action IT IS A BEAST
  6. KK Delta Charmander :D

    Any challenges I should attempt?
  7. Challenges aren't the best thing for a first run; I'd say do normal. You'll get the most out of it.
  8. Ah! Insurgence! I played it a while ago when I still used my Windows. And yeah- Delta Charmander was def. the way to go. I'm actually downloading it right now since I realized it has Mac support.

    Very excited for your future updates.
  9. ~Escape from the Darkrai Cultists!~


    Time to start this Let's Play! Very cool log-in screen with the Mew.  Got to choose between a Lighter or Darker story, and I chose to do Darker, hope I don't regret this...  ANYWAY, the starting monologue from the new Augur(?) was interesting.  He seems like too much a good guy...that's never good in video games, haha.


    THE JOURNEY HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN! Chose not to do any Challenges for this run, just to see how it'll turn out.  Now, say hello to the MC of this LP, Fallen(it was either this or Fark, kek)! Went with the purple hair for him, but I heard we can change our hair color and clothes, so I can't wait for that!  So the Darkrai Cultists were going to erase my memories via Gengar AND kill me on the orders from their leader, Persephone.  Don't know what my character did, but DAMN he seems like a badass so far, haha.  They eventually left to do a ritual to summon Persephone's baby daddy, I mean the Master of Darkness himself, Darkrai.  Aaaaaand MEW saved me from the Gengar, a LEGENDARY and it gets to follow me ;-;.  Time to kick some Cultist Ass! BI


    Went through the stairs and saw a locked door.  Went to the next stairs and suddenly...ARE YOU TELLING ME I CAN TRANSFORM INTO OTHER PEOPLE! Game went from 100 to 300 in matter of minutes.  ​


    What. The. Fuck.  Did they KILL someone from their own cult here?! Get me out of here ;-; Well, at least it wasn't any other fluids from bodies...​


    Went back up the stairs and clicked my Sailor Moon Transformation Brooch to transform into my FINAL FORM!!! I mean I became a Cultist(hue).  Decided to go back to the cells and open the locked doors and found some items! :D Explored throughout the building and FOUND MORE ITEMS! THIS BASE IS MORE MESSY THAN MY HOUSE ;-;​


    OKAY OKAY OKAY!  YOU KILL A CULTIST TO SUMMON A DARKRAI BECAUSE YOU ARE JEALOUS OF YOUR SISTER.  And this is why I live in Hawaii, you mainlanders are crazy o.o On a serious note, this "Darker" path is certainly darker than I expected for a video game.  I mean, Persephone killed THREE people in the span of a minute. Oh yeah, she killed two cultists with a Houndoom for blocking her way.  Crazy PMSing Goth Chick.  Now that she left...TIME TO GTFO OF THIS PLACE!​


    Got out of the base/cave thing and ran down the path through the grass.  AND time for our first batt-nevermind it's gonna be a massacre.  One Psychic later, Mew gained 2 exp!  Path to the left is blocked by stumps(THAT POKEBALL IS BUGGING ME ;-;), so let's go to the south exit!​


    We got a Quartz Flute!  This allows us to call Mew(not really) to allow us to use his/her abilities.  Though we cant name it, any nicknames for the Mew?  Mew vanishes AND a PERSON appears.  His name is Damian and it seems like he isn't allowed to go on a journey, saw what?  He reminds me a bit of Wally so I think he might be our rival for this game! :D

    I think this'll be it for now, I'll try to keep this LP updated ever one to three days.  If you have any tips or questions for me, don't be afraid to post a comment! See y'all next time! :D
  11. the magic of being a PC in a MAC family :D

    I have a mighty need to play this.
  13. @Edelweiss Here is a link to where you can download the game.  It's a pretty good game from the videos i've seen on youtube(watch MunchingOrange) and the community is pretty good as well.

    Anyway, with that let's get on to the LP!




    Last time, we met our future rival Damian! It was sort of obvious which building he was talking about so I walked inside and went to the corner(as per usual ;-;/).  Well it seems like I'm getting roped into something to find a stone in a cave....that never goes well.  And his mother seems like a total Bit-Bad person.  Now we can go get our Pokemon! The Professor gives out Eevees too!(Jolteon here I come!)​


    From the Pokemon games I have played I know that there is ALWAYS items to be given by random NPCs.  Got some FREE pokeballs and potions, that's all I could find for now though.  There will probably be more items in the cave we will be exploring.​


    Nice suit, where can I get one Mr Slim Shady?  Seems like we'll get the option of picking from some Delta Pokemon, specifically Delta Bulbasaur, Charmander, AND Raphael Jr.  He's apparently a Cult Leader too?! The Cult of Perfection, have a feeling we'll be seeing more of him in the future.  And Damian REALLY doesn't like cults...wait till he meets the Cult of Ustream lol.​


    We are given the option of four starter Pokemon: Eevee, D-Bulb, D-Char, and D-Squirt.  Through some recommendations AND childhood adoration for this Pokemon, I decided to go with the Charmander.  Meet Spoopy the Friendly Ghostly Dragon!  I always have to nickname my Pokemon, but for this LP I'll let you guys decide what names(found out the Name Rater is below the PokeCenter I should give the Pokemon, except for Spoopy here.​


    Holy Beyonce.  For a first battle, this was tough as hell.  Damian chose the Koopa Jr, the Dark/Fighting Squirtle.  Thank Beyonce that I had the first move since I only did 2/5 of his health while he took me down to 13 health.  Next round, i had him to about ~2 HP, WHILE THE FREAKING TURTLE GOT ME TO ONE. PRAISE RNG! I then proceeded to crush whatever dreams Damian had of becoming a Pokemon trainer :D


    After whooping his ass, Damian proceeded to go to the cave, not even waiting for me.  Decided to head to the PokeCenter to heal Spoopy and to check his stats.  Here's a pic of his stats AND his ability.  That's gonna be it for now, see you all next time!​
  14. I searched it up like directly after I posted that last night. xD;;;

    I kind of like that they included an Ev/Iv screen in the status. I've never been big on the whole "perfect IVs" thing, never really cared because my babies are my babies and I don't care if your steroid consuming incest children could destroy them. But it's still neat to see.

    First playthrough and I'm already doing a solo challenge. Because it's an excuse to use gengar and nothing but gengar, yesssss.

    (He got a whopping 31 sp. atk IV and a helpful nature, jfc.)

    (I'm still probably going to get my ass kicked, but that's ok.)
  15. This was beautifully constructed
  16. [​IMG]

    Hey guys, been busy the past couple of days, but found out there's a NEW MYSTERY GIFT!!!! Time to meet our NEWEST companion, The Master of Disguise! If you can't guess who it is....go eat a potato :/....can't think of good insult ;-;​


    That's right! Our newest companion is a ZORUA, and a very special one!  You might be wondering why this pokemon is special? IT HAS A ZORONITE, meaning it can MEGA EVOLVE!....well once, it becomes a Zoroark...​
    ANYWAY, this Zorua is currently level 5, which means I'll be level grinding her-i mean, him to an appropriate level along with Spoopy, Btw, you guys can give a nickname for the Zorua if you want, or I could give it one.  Till next time!​


  17. Hey Bros, Broskis, and Broettes! I couldn't sleep so I decided to play some Insurgence.  We meet a new friend AND kick some bad guy ass!

    So instead of posting ALL the images on to here, I'm just gonna post the link to the imgur page, Enjoy!


    If you think I should go back to the old way, be sure to comment on here!


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