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Euthoran Song OoC [Feat. KeM]

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by Keileon, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Also guys don't forget you at least have some equipment in the inventory

    You'll get more after this battle, too.
  2. Does Stiria have access to that? I'm going to (safely) assume she doesn't because she's being a bitchy lonewolf dragoness.
  3. She might, though I'd coordinate with Zio if you want that staff because either Stiria or Ira could easily use that.
  4. Stiria's most likely not gonna touch the staff because it wreaks of human. The other stuff might be useful. :p
  5. Update being worked on.
  6. How this will work:

    - Each update will be two posts. If I have only one up and both battles are still going, don't post yet.
    - Stiria will be acting at the same time as the rest of the party members.
    - Both battles will be updated at once.
    - Saturday deadlines hold.
  7. @Silver You put "Storia starts at G2!" Should probably fix that =)
  8. @Ziolang – I have no idea what you're talking about. =P
  9. Saturday deadlines continue as normal starting on the 23rd. My internet is shitting itself and even if I could update tonight it's not technically fair since I updated on Monday.

    If I do/can update before the 23rd, deadline set to the 30th, etc
  10. Given that I accidentally woke up at 6pm and I'm going to be up for a LONG time the update will likely come when all of you are sleeping
  11. This round's deadline is extended to Saturday the 13th due to Zio being without wifi until Sunday.
  12. Note: Some images are broken because Puush is having apparent server/host issues. Even reuploading them with Puush doesn't always work and Imgur's a lot of trouble with its new interface. Hoping to get this resolved soon.

    Edit: It seems to have fixed itself. If you notice any broken images though, let me know.

    Edit 2: All of my images in my sandbox (where I work on the updates) have been moved to Imgur, as have all images in the Profile thread. Images in the roleplay thread, as of now, have not been moved over and may still be broken.
  13. So I was an idiot and put off the update and now I'm exhausted so the update will come when I wake up

    Under normal circumstances I'd keep the deadline to saturday because you STILL have six full days and some change to post, but I don't know what Zio's schedule is like with the wedding coming up so we'll see if it gets extended.
  14. I can post this week.
  15. Update's bout half done, I got massively distracted.

    If it takes until daytime on monday the deadline will be extended.
  16. Okay idk if this is because it's 4:30 am when I'm trying to update but Flim I don't understand your "10 random targets" bit can you clarify

    Because this will delay the update, this round's deadline will be the third instead of the 27th.

    also fuck aken and his cell setting it's giving me a headache
  17. Officially out of town for at for a while. Honeymoon won't be over until next week~
  18. If you're not going to be around before the deadline, I can extend it.
  19. Posting deadline is still the 24th, but my internet is shitting itself so hard right now that I can barely get it to cooperate long enough to load a page. At worst, update will be tomorrow.

    Sorry for the repeated delays this round.

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