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Euthoran Song OoC [Feat. KeM]

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by Keileon, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. +Scathe – Unleashes a powerful burst of ethereal energy which sears the flesh and scars the target based upon the amount of potential energy within them. 100% Int Damage. Deals additional damage to the target's HP equivalent to 12% of their Max MP. Bosses have the effect reduced to 3% unless otherwise stated by the GM. Range: 3 Cells. ? MP.

    +Withering Glare – Concentrates energy through the eyes to force the target into submission, unable to cry out as they wither away. No Damage. High Chance of Silence. Target takes 3% Max MP Damage for Three Turns regardless of whether Silence was successful. Range: 3 Cells. ? MP.
  2. Scathe: I was unsure, so I consulted Shadow, and this is what he had to say

    [19:16:22] Shadow If she's L6 then 6 + 2*3 = 12
    [19:16:39] Shadow Which can be expressed as 6 + floor(Level/3)*3
    [19:16:58] Keileon Alright
    [19:17:16] Keileon Tentatively I'll go with that for now, and adjust if it really needs to be

    Basically, 6 + 3 every 3 levels

    Withering Glare: 15 MP
  3. just a note that this freeform section can't be skipped and so after a point I will be getting on people to post, though tomorrow I will be tossing in a post for Feravel to help speed things up.

    @Ziolang I know you're busy with irl shenanigans but any time you have the chance would be nice.

    @Silver I was tired when I made the above post and didn't check the math. Keep the cost for now, but give me some time to figure it all out. If you need to, go talk to Shadow, because the equation he gives just looks like "divide by 3 and then multiply it by 3 again" and I can't wrap my head around it right now.
  4. @Silver OKAY after a lot of confusing math talk the actual cost for that skill is base 6 + 3 every 3 levels.

    So yeah, 12 until level 9, where it becomes 15, etc.
  5. Note: If I suddenly start speaking Drakine in the middle of dialogue, hover over it, there's probably a translation tooltip.

    I'm using this roleplay to teach you all a fantasy language

    (Behind-the-scenes progress on next battle:

  6. You all have until the weekend to reply to Feravel.
  7. In terms of the map, Feravel made his fire at about D5 and laid down at D3.
  8. @Silver I forgot to mention- if you want any bullet point notes on Stellar Wyverns go ahead and PM me. I don't have any sort of infodump on them, and you've been doing wonderfully so far considering that fact, but I don't want to mention something and confuse you because you didn't know something about the species.

    Same goes for everyone else, but as I talk to you guys regularly these things come up a lot more often.
  9. @CerberusLycan @Ziolang @Flimzy whenever you have the chance.
  10. Hey guys, I suggest you use this time to go through your inventory if you're unsure what to do. You have equips to manage and consumables to use.
  11. Akensken eats the Metal Ore (x1). Goodbye, poor mineral, may Gaea receive your barren soul with grace.
  12. Currently working on 1.4 enemy profiles. Keep freeforming though, this'll be a longer cutscene than normal.
  13. Casual but impatient reminder.
  14. Currently only have internet on my phone so my delayed post shall remain delayed.
  15. Someone else wanna post in the meantime?
  16. This was not how the post went last time... but I like it better.
  17. Casually pinging @Ziolang @Flimzy @CerberusLycan to see if they want to post, or if I should just have Feravel respond even though he pretty much just had a post.

    On a related note things may get a little hectic this next chapter, as I'm going to have to handle Stiria separately from the rest of the party.

    ... Which also means you'll have one less party member this next battle. Hm.
  18. Will be posting on Saturday regardless of whether @CerberusLycan and @Flimzy have
  19. All of you have until Saturday the 11th to make any posts for KeM (or you can simply say you won't be posting here if you want, or you can wait). This also gives me time to set up the double battle for 1.4.

    Edit: Extenuating circumstances. Update will come when I've corrected them.
  20. Expect a PM soon @Keileon

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