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Euthoran Song OoC [Feat. KeM]

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by Keileon, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Kel en Miir
    -- Profile Thread >>
    -- RP Thread >>

    -- Kel en Miir is updating every Saturday with or without any given player. This can result in characters getting KO'd depending on enemy AI. This mainly applies to battles, but may apply to freeform sections as well.
    -- Starting at level 10, players will be moved to a new experience curve.

    Getting this set up. Just waiting on Cerby and we're good to go.

    Question for you guys: do you want to start the roleplay getting thrown into a battle or would you like to interact a little first?

    @CerberusLycan @Ziolang @Flimzy @Silver
  2. Starting in a battle is fine. It gives the plot some momentum I think, and ensures the opening isn't awkward or too hostile. (We are all "aggressive" dragons after all, hehe.)
  3. What Flimzy said. I think it'll provide momentum as well.
  4. I'm impartial to either option~
  5. I think it really depends on what you think is better for the plot. I assumed we wouldn't start in a battle because there would need to be a sort of Call to Action (to use 11th grade Language Arts vocabulary). If a battle works better for that, though, all the more power to it.
  6. Enemy profiles are up. RP thread will be posted tonight.
  7. this party cooperates so well
  8. ^

    Also, I believe this answers my question as to whether or not Ira is aggressive~
  9. I'm just waiting for those dragonslayers to come in and start fucking us up when we've significantly weakened one another. :p
  10. * Keileon hits head on desk
  11. Holy fuck. Okay, the only consolation in all of this is Akensken's Shield will be untouched.

    If we Game Over because we'll have weakened each other too much for the Dragonslayers I'm just quitting life.
  12. >Sets up the context as the story so that we hate each other
    >Add in a special mechanic so we can wack at each other
    >Give us a phase of dead air; in a system with nothing but rules for wacking dudes.
    >Dwaggins start wacking each other for the dead turn.
  13. I didn't say it was surprising.
  14. [02:26:54] Cerberus if you see this later, since it could still be useful in the future, do dragons have a sort of colloquial 'God' to refer to like we do for such expressions like "God knows they need it"?
    [02:27:17] Cerberus "Shyr knows they need it"??

    - "Rala kelai" means good hunting means good luck
    - They use "Cor", "Rae", or "spirits" where we would use "god"
    - "Sa siir ataii", "with exposed throat", means blindly or recklessly
    - "Sii-iri" is a similar expression that means to shine light on one's claw, exposing the weak point of the wrist
    - "fortusi teílosu" means "lucky winds", to wish another fast and safe travels; may also be "winds be at your back"
    - Álerai --- An expression of uncertainty
    - Areín --- An affirmative
    - Arrák --- A negative
    - Átii --- An interjection of acknowledgement without replying
    - Rásst --- A mild swear word to express annoyance
    - They'll use words like scorchback, backbiter, and similar phrases as insults against traitors or sneaks
    - A lot of dragon phrases involve hunting or singing; be creative


    >mfw Aken goes to literally the worst spot possible
  15. Flim gave me the okay to skip him, so update coming shortly.
  16. @CerberusLycan @Flimzy @Silver @Ziolang

    (excuse any impatience, I've had this roleplay die twice before)
  17. Apologies; RP wise I figured it was best if I let Cerby post before me~
  18. My dust bunny died today and you ask me to post? How insensitive omg

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