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Elegante's Occupy Army

Discussion in 'Character Database' started by Elegante, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. RE: Tezzeret's Occupy Army

    ~001: Kialga Jhinari~

    Name: Kialga Jhinari

    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Level: 1
    Progress: 0/10

    Job Promotion:

    Profession: Ranger [Basic Attack: Physical][Fire Affinity I]
    Weapon: Small Bow (+1 Attack)(3 Cell Range)
    Armor: Light Leather Armour (+1 Defense)
    Accessory: Nature Amulet: A special amulet that weakens the power or Int attacks aimed at the user. (Spr +1)

    A-Ability: Prime Aim

    + Flame Arrow: The character adds a flame to the flint end of the arrow. This causes a small burn on the opponent, once contact is made.
    -110% Attack Damage. Chance of burn. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 10%. Range: 3. Element: Fire. MP Cost: 9.

    + Maximum Focus: Getting the best shot is prime to this character. While the focus makes the shot take longer, it ensures that the shot gains a slight power boost.
    -Attack boost (25%). Duration: 3 Turns. 1 Stack Limit. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: None. Variance: None. Range: Self. Element: Neutral. MP Cost: 6.

    R-Ability: None
    S-Ability: Serene Nature: This ability, once it is activated, gradually heals character by 10% every turn for the duration of 4 turns.
    X-Ability: Homing Shower: The character begins releasing flaming, piercing arrows at a faster rate than normal into the air. The arrows home into the opponent, causing scars and burns wherever they hit. The arrows pierce the armour, ensuring that the flames reach skin.
    -200% Piercing Attack Damage. High Chance of Severe Burn. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 10%. Range: 5. Element: Fire. 10 X Levels. 1 Use Counter.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 25
    MP: 15
    Atk: 4 (+1 Small Bow)
    Def: 3 (+1 Light Leather Armour)
    Int: 2
    Spr: 2 (+1 Nature Amulet)
    Critical: 5%
    Evasion: 5%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Ranger Job +2)
    X Gauge: 0/15

    Skill Points: 0
    Upgrade Points: 0
  2. RE: Tezzeret's Occupy Army

    ~002: Daniel Frewer~

    Name: Daniel Frewer
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Level: 1
    Progress: 0/10

    Job Promotion:

    Profession: Cleric [Basic Attack: Int.][Affinity: Light]
    Weapon: Simple Staff (+1 Int)(2 Cell Range)
    Armor: Basic Robe (+1 Spr)
    Accessory: Bright Bracelet - A small bracelet, with two small shards of crystallized mana that give the character a slight mana boost. (+5 Max MP)

    A-Ability: Fury Light

    + Light Flare: The player throws a ray of light from the end of his/her staff. This ray pierces the even the darkest areas to hit the foe.
    -110% Int Damage. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: 3. Element: Light. MP Cost: 7.

    + Light Spiral: The user retains their position, spending the turn healing themselves.
    -120% Int Healing. Use Time: Instant. Range: Self. Element: Light. MP Cost: 5.

    R-Ability: None
    S-Ability: Near the End: Once the user is critical, they gain a 30% boost to their Int.
    X-Ability: Pillars of Light: The player calls upon the natural light and goodness inside themselves to attack the opponent. The pillars rise up out of the ground to surround the character, striking any enemy within a 3 cell radius.
    -150% Piercing Int Damage. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: None. Range: Area of 3 Cells. Element: Light. 10 X Levels. 1 Use Counter.

    ~ Stats ~

    HP: 15
    MP: 25 (+5 Bright Bracelet)
    Atk: 2
    Def: 2
    Int: 4 (+1 Simple Staff)
    Spr: 3 (+1 Basic Robe)
    Critical: 3%
    Evasion: 4%
    Movement: 2 Cells (Cleric Job +0)
    X Gauge: 0/10

    Skill Points: 0
    Upgrade Points: 0
  3. ~The Core Somnambulist~

    Name: Jesse Shaddix
    Gender: Male
    Age: 11
    Personality: Seemingly calm, Jesse only airs that feeling outside his own body. His inner thoughts, the twisted web of emotional deterioration drives him. His true hopes, the dreams that he wishes to life outside of his mind, are those that cause harm. He fights to obtain his goal, his goal that he can save everyone else while giving up himself. He trusts his allies, trusts them until either of their last dying breaths. If it is his ally that dies, he fights to avenge the soul that was lost until his own dying breath.

    Aptitude: Lv. 7
    REMs: N/A
    U-Sleight: Size Matters: Due to the player’s small stature, they can move quicker than their counterparts. User gains one extra cell in Movement.

    Avenging Boost: The user deals 10% more damage to enemies that have made allies go dormant.

    Substance: 25
    Focus: 15
    Power: 4
    Wisdom: 2
    Fortitude: 3
    Flexibility: 3
    Fortune: 5%
    Blink: 5%
    Move: 3 Cells

    ~Dream of Self-Sacrifice~

    The life and breath that flow through us are nothing more than illusions cast on our own stupid souls. If one cannot cause themselves the harm of their own blade, then one cannot live in this world as a true person. I must lay down my life for you, must avenge your dying breath until the final day, my final day. I cannot sit by while you lie dead. I must kill, must avenge, must sacrifice. I have no need here, but you were too young. My life is nothing anymore, soul-for-soul, my wasted form for your dead form.

    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/500 REMs
    Physical Adaptation: Jesse becomes duller. His form becomes more blurred, as if he is fading out of reality. A slight blur of him remains momentarily behind him as he moves, but is fades by the time he has moved a cell away. His hair, already black at the roots, becomes completely jet-black.
    Stat Modifiers:

    Power: [+1: Deck of Cards]
    Fortitude: [+1: Simple Uniform]
    Fortune: [+5% Base: Glasses]
    Move: +1

    Elemental Affinities:
    Arcane Output +15%
    Dark Output +5%

    List of Inflictions:
    Wound: The afflicted loses 3% base Substance every turn they are afflicted with this condition. (Duration: 4 turns)
    Burn: The afflicted loses 4% base Substance every turn they are afflicted with this condition. (Duration: 3 turns)

    Basic Attack: Power-based; 3 Cell Range.

    -- Tormented Soul: The user's Substance is reduced by 5% every turn the user attacks. All damage that the user deals to an enemy is multiplied by 1.4 once the enemy is below 1/5 Max Substance.

    -- Uncontrollable Darkness: The user wields control over the uncontrollable. His mind runs everywhere, moving things in his head can move them in the world, which tends to be frowned upon. Boosts the users Arcane attacks by 15% and Dark attacks by 5%.

    O-Concept: Deck of Cards – a simple 52-card deck, that seems limitless as the battle wears on. [+1 Pwr/3 Cells]
    D-Concept: Simple Uniform – an everyday uniform, similar to on worn by elementary school students. [+1 For]
    X-Concept: Glasses – an average pair of glasses that help the wearer see weak points. [+5% base Fortune]

    B-Sleight: Luck of the Draw

    + Card Tricks: The user throws a random amount of cards from their hand towards the enemy. Each strikes the enemy with sharp edges to cut and slash.
    -130% Pwr Damage. Chance of Wound. Cast: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: 3 Cells. Element: Neutral. 10 Focus.

    + Flaming Hearts: The user throws several cards, with the suit of hearts, at the opponent. The card ignites in mid-air. Meant to cut and burn.
    -120% Pwr Damage. Chance of Burn. Cast: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 10%. Range: 3 Cells. Element: Fire. 9 Focus.

    C-Sleight: N/A

    E-Figment: Playing Hand: Raises the damage output of all B-Sleights by 5%. [Upgrade: Increase effect by 5%. To Increase: Requires 4 FP.]

    R-Sleight: N/A
    T-Sleight: N/A

    Z-Figment: Sharp Edges: The more that the user thinks about the past, the more the hatred grows inside. User gains a slight power boost (1.2) every 3 turns.
    L-Figment: N/A

    A-Sleight: N/A

    Skill Points:
    Fantasy Points:
  4. Name: Edward Lindsey
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Level: 1
    Progress: 0/10

    Job Promotion:

    Profession: Shadow Angel: One who claims this profession has been cast out of their afterlife home to defend it for the sake of judgement. [Basic Attack: Int][Dark Affinity I]
    Dark Affinity I: User acquires permanent "Dark Affinity" Properties. Increases the Damage Output of Dark Elemental Basic Attacks or Abilities by 10% (Excluding Piercing Flurry Skills). In addition, Decreases the Total Damage received by the Dark Element by 20%.
    Weapon: Dark Bow (+1 Int)(3 Cell Range)
    Armour: Simple Cloth (+1 Def)
    Accessory: White Gloves: Simple white gloves that absorb some of the damage of Int attacks aimed at the wearer. (+1 Spr)

    A-Ability: Pierce the Light

    + Shadow Shot: The user fires an arrow from their bow, enveloped in the shadows. The arrow pierces through armour.
    -100% Int Damage. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 0%. Range: 3 Cells. Element: Dark. MP Cost: ?.

    + Dark Hearts: The beating of the characters heart is provided from the afterlife. Being cast out caused the heart to expand and become darker. Using this ability causes the heart to become completely dark, the character gains a slight boost to Int attacks.
    -Int. Attack Boost (25%). Duration: 4 Turns. 1 Stack Limit. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: None. Variance: None. Range: Self. Element: Dark. MP Cost: ?.

    R-Ability: None
    S-Ability: Call of Darkness: Even though cast out of the afterlife, this angel has ways to pull the life from his companions there. Once activated, the users regains 10% Max HP for the course of three turns.
    X-Ability: Cleansing of Darkness: The user fires a single arrow into the clouds. As the arrow descends back upon the opponent, pillars of light follow. The pillars encompass the opponent in a supposed cleansing ritual that injuries more than cleanses.
    -200% Int Damage. Places 3 Dark Cells Randomly on Field. Use Time: Instant. Accuracy: 100%. Variance: 10%. Range: 4. Element: Dark. 10 X Levels. 1 Use Counter.
    Dark Cells cause 10% Int damage and Moderate chance of blindness when passed through.

    ~ Stats ~
    X Gauge: 0/15

    Skill Points: 0
    Upgrade Points: 0

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