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Dream Weavers.

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by Swade9wade, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. "It was somewhere when I was just a small kid.  When I discovered what I can do.  The memories a bit blurry, but I'll try my best to describe what happened.  It happened one night when my parents when out to the casino, and I was left being watched by my aunt.  I was in my room, and on the ground with playing with my toys, and it was around this time I started to hear a sound coming from my closet.  I was curious on what was the sound, so with only just my toy sword in my hand, and slowly just went to the closet, and opened the door.  Honestly I was scared at first and wondered why didn't I get my aunt to do it, but was too late for that.  When I open the door, there was nothing there but just darkness, and then all of the sudden what appeared to be a shadow of a hand coming out, and I jumped, nearly screaming.  The hand slowly crawled out, and for a moment I thought it would of grabbed me and dragged me straight to hell itself, but, I was wrong.

    The hand slowly came, and while I was trying to get to the door to get my aunt to save me, I felt that hand touching my shoulder.  Then I just cried to myself, and then I heard her voice the first time.  She said to me, "Whats the matter?"  I whimpered to myself and I couldn't even say a word.  She said to me, "Oh don't cry, or fear me, I'm not a monster, but a friend!"  Slowly I turned around and for a moment I thought I would of seen like a giant monster, but I only saw darkness.  But slowly a shadow formed with the hand, and then formed into this humanoid ball jointed doll, and I thought it was some kind of mannequin like the ones you see at stores.  She was on her knees and just smiled at me.  I thought she was lying at first, and wanted to kill me, but something made me feel she wasn't.  Yeah she was scary when I first seen her, but I felt she was telling the truth.  I just stared back at her, and she just kept on smiling at me, then she said, "Would you like to come to my kingdom and play with me?"

    I blinked a bit, and smiled.  I said, "Sure doll lady!"

    "Princess.  My name is Princess, and I'm your best friend til the very end!"  Last I can remember is she slowly hugged me, and slowly I hugged her back.  It was then that day my fate was destined.  I was what they call us....A dream weaver."  ~Wade on how he knew he was a dream weaver.

    ~Dream Weavers~

    In the year 1950 people discovered some people with cases of high lucidity that gave them the ability to travel the 'Dreamscape' a place where the mind and reality of the sleep wonder, and dreams are made.  It is said from scientists, and researchers that the Dreamscape was made by the thoughts and imaginations of people that sleep and dream, and it continued to grow, expand, and evolve as time went on. The Dream Weavers are able to construct and pull creatures out they named Dream Beings.  The Dream Beings are entities of ones sub-conscience, and they take a form that is sometimes, and isn't sometimes natural to the human world.

    With this discovery the governments all settled in creating a private island where they can send what they call 'Dream Weavers' to study, and help them learn, and harness their gift.  As years gone by the government went unaware of what began to happen on the island in the past twenty years.  As new higher ups started to fill in the retired ones, the rules began to get more strict each time. Then came 'The Incident' when a test gone horribly wrong with one of the Nightmare Weavers; Dream Weavers that only conjure up things created from nightmares. Created a being that went on an uncontrollable rampage due to the Nightmare Weavers past of abuse and bullying, five students died in the incident (along with the one that made the created nightmare being), and many more were injured. This became the last straw, and a separation was passed. The campus is said to have been divided up to two campuses after the incident, and by the elders of the original Dream Campus was supposed to take care of it, but it didn't.  This caused a backlash in the community, but was ignored.  This caused the new campus, the nightmare campus to break away from the Dream Campus, and started a war between them.  While the Elders cover everything up to not have the governments involved. The Dream campus wants to keep order, while the nightmare campus wants to overthrow the Dream campus for a new order.  ​

    So the question resides, which side are you on?​

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