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Dream Weavers Sign Up Thread.

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Swade9wade, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. Basically this is where everyone will post their Dream Weaver characters for the rp.

    Name: Wade W

    Gender: Male

    Age: 24

    Race: Human

    Height: 5'11


    Appearance: He has light brown skin.

    What campus? (Dream or Nightmare): Nightmare

    Personality: He is a calm and moslty shy and quiet person.  He only speaks when people talk to him orthey start the conversation.  He deeplyhates being yelled at and negative criticism though.

    Bio:Being socially akward in his life. 
    Wade was the outcast mostly in his life, only to have friends in hisimagination.  This caused him to be sentto the Academy due to some nights where his parents seeing (strange shadow creatures).  He was one of the firststudents, and one of the students to be sent to the nightmare campus.  He was unaffected at first by this, but hestarted to kick in after a fight against a dreamer that permanently damaged his Nightmare of the Mind.  This lead to himto have a reason to go up against the owners of the Academy, so that finally this backlash can finally stop towards him and the fellow nightmare users.  He is now one of the commanders for TheNightmare Campus, and helps out as much as the others need it.

    Extras: He tends to talk short from time to time thanks to a disorder hehas, but he usually listens in on what is going on and such.  He also likes seeing other creations made bythe fellow Nightmare Weavers.  As well heis secretly a fan of the ones that look like living toys, preferably the ball jointed doll variety (he never admits this seeing he may get picked on by this.  He just likes them because theyare 'pretty'.)

    Dream Creatures/Nightmare Creatures:

    Mind: (Name: Princess)  Princess isthe oldest of Wade's three Nightmare Creatures. 
    Princess takes on the form of a human size ball jointed doll wearing agothic lolita and princess attire with her hair being long and red in a single drill pigtail on the side.  Due to anincident both of her glasses eyes were permanently destroyed and has a small crack from her forehead to her lower jaw while maintaining a demonic grin.  Her combat mostly relies on possessing othernightmare and dream creatures and making them do her dirty work while she sits down and watches the show.

    Mana: (Name: Anubis) Anubis is the mana nightmare creatureof Wade, and the youngest.  He takes on the form of a triple the size jackal with wearing mummy robes covering the rotten parts and golden claws over the front claws with an anubis mask as well.  As well he wears destroyed jewellery of a supposed pharaoh on him.  His ability is the power of locking down his enemies via mummification from his bandages, and weakening the enemies with him giving off a gaze of death from his eyes he has. [

    (Name: Noface, hoody, orwalking death).  The middle of the three, and the last of Wade's Nightmare Beings. 
    Noface takes the form of a headless humanoid like being (he wasn't beheaded he just has no head) that wears a tattered cloak and uses the hood to hide the headless torso to make it look like he has a head in that never ending darkness.  His arms are replaced with giant boned claws.  He carries a chainedscythe that he uses to hook and drag his enemies towards him to give them a pummeling they deserve.
  2. [​IMG]

    Name: Geneveive Faust
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Height: undisclosed.
    Weight: undisclosed.
    What campus? (Dream or Nightmare): Nightmare
    Personality: Not yet.
    Bio: Not yet.
    Extras: Lemons are the best thing to have ever been cultivated, but why?

    Dream Creatures/Nightmare Creatures: Not yet.

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