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PLANET Discussion: Ferona

Discussion in 'The Manaverse Wiki Project' started by Eebit, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Discussion of and questions pertaining to @"Nebulon Ranger"'s world, Ferona, go in here.
  2. Added a lot to the article to make it less red linky.
  3. In regards to making the page less 'red-linky,' I don't feel like things like "Feronite Culture" or "Technology in Ferona" or even "History of Ferona" need their own designated main articles... yet. In my opinion, the information there can be contained by the overall Ferona page, unless it becomes unwieldy or overly complicated. As it stands, several of those won't be needing main articles for quite some time, until the page expands to a point where the content overflows or grows exceedingly complicated.

    As an example, the continents (or in this case, the Republics) will need their own pages since, from the get-go, they are not going to be able to have all of their scope embodied by a few simplistic paragraphs. Therefore, continents/Republics will spill themselves over onto individual pages that explain the geography/culture/lore/inhabitants/what-have-you in each. It's like how Ustream or Durasken will get their own pages separate from Euthora, since they have been fleshed out such that they warrant entire articles of their very own.

    If that makes sense.

    I see what you're going for, but I do caution you from making too many red links for yourself off the bat. It'll add a lot more to your workload in terms of the writing you'll need to do to start these pages off, let alone standardizing templates for each of them.
  4. I was going full-on Wikipedia without actually thinking if it was really needed or not. If they're not already taken out, I'll do it today.
  5. Rather large update to the Theology section, if anyone wants to discuss.
  7. [​IMG]


    SUCK IT, @Kudamon and @"Lord X-Giga-X"!


  8. And with an update to History, I can safely say...


    come at me, sis.
  9. Reviving this thread, since I've been thinking on naming of things, as well as political structure and such.

    A lot of the bigger sub-"national" entities with strictly English (/ common) names are going to be renamed to better fit the world, but with cities like Jericho that use transliterations of old language names, the old language names will be "modernised" a bit and they'll keep the Common names as well.

    I've also been thinking on the structure of the planetary capital a bit, and have decided to take inspiration from pre-1998 Toronto in that we have a bunch of subordinate but politically-independent cities under the umbrella of a larger municipality that happened to grow into each other, although given the borders of the upper-tier municipality, the constituent cities thought ahead re: city planning to make navigation easier (unlike modern Toronto, ick). Together, the 10 constituent cities are collectively referred to by the municipality's name by non-residents and aliens, and the "central" city shares the municipality's name. They're all tabulated by the central statistics agency as one census unit, hence the overall huge population.

    However, the capital is not a seperate entity from the Republic it's contained in, and is not its Republic's capital. That would be Dark's home city of Tristo. The municipality (and its central city) is called Fyr-e-Usia (roughly translated, Home on the Sea), Common name Fyr's Landing [yes I stole this naming concept from ESO, come at me Khya].

    So, to simplify this;

    Fyr-e-Usia Municipality (pop. approx. 65-million)
    | - Fyr-e-Usia City, or Fyr's Landing [Common name] (center of UR government, pop. 10.5-million, seaside)
    | - Cities 2-10 [names pending] (roughly equal distribution of the remaining population, though outliers are smaller)

    Every few dozen kilometres or so inland there's a ring freeway, so there's five or so of these serving the omunicipality, plus tons of other links out and the largest spaceport which sits on the outer edge.
  10. More updates re: structure and naming.

    el-Yariki (or simply Yariki with the article removed, otherwise known as Jericho) gets a new native name. In addition to this, because of its largely isolated northern location for a major centre, it becomes a city-state, run directly by the central UR government through a locally-elected mayor and centrally-appointed manager. It, however, is not a Republic by name, instead it keeps its city designation but becomes autonomous.

    Southeast of Yariki is Esaya, named for the goddess of science, which is the new capital of Yariki's former Republic (which I have yet to rename), which itself is now split into northwestern and southeastern component. Esaya is the capital of the northwest, whereas a new city will be capital of the southeast.

    Some new stuff too!

    Regarding the new, as-of-yet unnamed Republic; its geography is mainly mountainous, much like the central and far western regions, with its capital literally surrounded by the mountains. Its only direct link with the west is a rather precarious mountain pass through the central mountains, however a safer route exists through the north. This becomes quite relevant during the Holy War.
  11. More updates!

    Slightly less ugly sigil:



    ETA: last upload got JPEG smashed and I have no idea why.

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