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PLANET Discussion: Daeridune

Discussion in 'The Manaverse Wiki Project' started by Eebit, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. Discussion of and questions pertaining to the collaborative world, Daeridune, go in here.
  2. There has been some discussion going on in the IRC as to whether or not Daeridune warrants a page, as it is strictly created to house the chatplay Algorithm of Fate. Additionally, little has been done in the way of development of the world, and there has been hardly any contribution in the way of 'worldbuilding discussions.'

    Would any of the members partaking in AoF as a chatplay like to champion this page? And otherwise, should we mark it as a candidate for deletion? Please weigh in below.

    @Shadow @CerberusLycan @Starrie @Kudamon @"The Kakuzato"
  3. Once we actually develop it some, it would warrant its own page. As just a skeleton though, it shouldn't be there yet.
  4. Okay I'm going to toss out random notes and ideas for Daeridune because this needs to be a thing.

    - Barren, wastelandish world
    - Government placed a taboo on magic under the pretense that it was magic that destroyed much of the planet in the first place
    - We have established there are two suns and one moon
    - Major city, as far as AoF goes, is Antriquel
    - There are small towns and such as well

    - We have not established any sort of pantheon; we've been sort of assuming Daeridune doesn't have one
    - Very little has been developed in the way of native species. Humans are the only one confirmed.
    - An idea was tossed around that there might be a government-condoned slave trade

    Let's figure out what to do with this information and try to toss more ideas out there.

    @CerberusLycan @Shadow @"The Kakuzato" @Starrie
  5. Continuing off my last post here because it doesn't account for newcanon;

    - High tech level
    - AoF and newcanon may or may not be in the same timeline- if they are, newcanon is before the apocalyptic event
    - Individuals from other planets are present in both canons (Newcanon: a pair of Ereva, a Diclonius, a Vindrite, what I'm assuming is a Feronite, and who knows what else; AoF: a Kaichronan, a Vindrite, a Phantasian, and what I'm assuming is one of Starr's races)
    - G, from AoF, can possibly be related to the high tech level before the planet got gg wp no re'd (my own personal connection, this hasn't been discussed)
  6. This is canon until someone definitively tells me otherwise. It's also WIP and I will link my dump forum post here: http://keileon.createmybb3.com/thread-83-post-479.html#pid479

    • Energy weapons (Dazenth's sword, Damien's railgun)
    • Possible genetic experiments
    • Religion (god of progress) + government = Exelism + radical fascism
    • Treats dissenters and disruptive individuals as criminals
    • Very order-oriented
    • Possible interplanetary travel

    Daeova can be considered Fascist by Terran standards, but deviates from this form of government by integrating religion more firmly into it. The country worships the God of Progress, Exelixus, and refer to their own system of government and religion as Exelism. This particular form of government and religion is Daeova-unique and unpopular in the eyes of less radical societies.

    Daeova is ruled by one man, named Silas Jasper Payne. He keeps the company of what he refers to as Exelist Enforcers, which include Damien Thrage.

    Daeova's currency is based around coins called Tael, which come in copper, silver, and gold variants. It is fifty Copper Tael to a Silver Tael and fifty Silver to a Gold. Daeovan economy is good to those able to work in military, construction, or scientific fields, and poor to the rest of society. This leads to anarchic crime in larger cities (which is quickly and methodically silenced by Payne's enforcers) and rampant poverty in the smaller, weaker cities (which Payne ignores and allows to be picked off for the sake of the rest of the country's progress).

    Daeova's capital city is named Aeficeon and houses military advancements. Daeova also includes the city of Antriquel (the main setting of Algorithm of Fate), and Kevarus (a large city which houses the scientific and technological advancements). It is a part of the continent of Auvresh, which has the highest rate of technological and societal progress of the three main continents of Daeridune.
  7. This is what I developed a while ago:

    Theme: Monk-themed who live in the mountains. Their spelltypes tend to be focused around improving their bodies and physical ability.

    Architecture: Their buildings are all completely flat. They only live in the peaks of mountains, but their buildings are made on boarding extending off the sides. Magic allows them to keep everything completely level and balanced. The look of their buildings is inspired by traditional Japanese buildings, and most rooms are connected by outdoor walkways.

    Ideology: They believe in the purity of the human form. They do not accept tampering with or modification to the human form. They react violently to non-humans, but are calm and wish to exercise diplomacy when confronted by “equals.”

    Theme: Chemists and Pressure engineers. They have extremely good medicine and command complex and powerful water-pressure machines.

    Architecture: They live on the coast and build cities of labyrinthine pipework. Buildings are all wrapped up in complex piping or cables like webbing around the cities. This makes their cities hard to navigate, which leads civilizations to get frustrated with visitors.

    Ideology: They are generally communist. Government strongly insists everyone keep working, which often leads to rushed or forced projects, and is the general contributing factor to the mess that is the faction’s infrastructure. Aside from this, they strongly value life, and many funds are contributed to health and the environment.
  8. I led a discussion tonight in #Manaverse about Daeridune with the intention of rekindling the worldbuilding effort there. I wanted to make sure the topics discussed didn't get lost, so I am posting here for the sake of reference, discussion, and posterity.

    First, here's a link to the current Daeridune map.

    On discussing where the currently developed nations were situated, I commented that I had the headcanon that Daeova was above the Sandsea, and Pragara was to the south. However, a comment written on the wiki states "The southern hemisphere of Daeridune is the hub of the technological progress", which indicates to me that Daeova might have been intended to be on the part of the continent below the Sandsea. Cerby pointed out that "there was also a comment somewhere that said the south, I believe, builds upwards to escape the Sandsea due to its limited landmass, which we know Daeova does, while Pragara was stated to build labyrinthine structures, which would indicate more lateral building". Clarification from Kuda or Flem (or both) to this end would be appreciated.

    For the Daeridune wiki page, we have some structural differences from the way the rest of the planet pages have been penned. On the majority of our pages, we have:

    See main article: <link>
    '''CONTINENT_NAME''' is situated [blah blah blah] and comprises the nations of [foo], [bar], and [spam]. 
    but on Daeridune's page, we have created fifth-level subheadings for each nation that exists within the respective continents. The fifth-level of subheading looks quite similar to the fourth-level, so without a glance at the Table of Contents, it is difficult to decipher whether Auvresh is a continent or a nation. I know that this structural difference came about as a result of simply trying to get the established information on Daeridune in one place. At some point in the future, we should create a continental subpage for Auvresh and move the information on the continent (and Daeova and Pragara) there. In its place, we summarize the information on Auvresh. I am particularly commenting on Auvresh for now since it is at least named, and is the most developed of our Daeridite continents.

    NAMES! Speaking of names, we could use some for these continents. We have a lot of nations ending with 'a,' so I think future developments might want to avoid that if possible. One name that I had mentally mulled around was the name "Eslistan." Originally I thought it might suit the green (i.e. magic/idealism-focused) continent, but upon further consideration I thought it sounded a little too similar phonetically to Exelixus, the name of the Deity of Progress. Cerby mentioned that it sounded slightly fitting for the blue islands. Perhaps it could refer to either the islands as a collective, or just be the name of one of them.

    Another thing that has come up is pinpointing the primary "themes" of Daeridune, as a planet. Cerby and I discussed this briefly, and he pinpointed them as follows (quoting him because I can't possibly summarize it as succinctly and elegantly as he already did):



    I started a discussion about the grey continent in the north. Shadow once mentioned to me that he envisioned Daeridune as having an "arctic continent." Geographically, it would seem to be sensible to put that up in the north.

    With the idea of the themes in mind -- namely, Idealism and Progress -- Cerby said that he figured the grey continent might be tangential to those two opposing forces. He likened them to the Yin and the Yang of Daeridune, and then went on to draw the parallel of the icy grey continent's "theme" to be similar to the Taoism and the concept of wuji, the "absence of a complementary force. In the frozen north, there is no societal progress to be found or ideals to foster, there is only the cycle of nature, repeating itself in its own form of balance."

    I myself have had a thought about placing a floating, autonomous (and likely man-made) city-state in the north, beyond the grey continent. To clarify, I mean floating on the water rather than in the sky.

    I had originally thought that it would be tied to one of the Auvresh nations, but I feel like neither of the presently developed ones would want to tie up their resources in keeping a sustainable project going up there. It doesn't seem to fit with Pragara, at least - I would expect that their communism would have them focused on their own people.

    My thought that it would be floating on the water beyond, rather than being actually on the grey continent is because rule of cool and the founders knew of just how inhospitable the grey continent was, and thus deemed it unfit for developing a city.

    In addition, my current thinking has led me to believe that the residents of this floating city are primarily scientists, and potentially expatriates/defectors of the other nations. This means that the city itself doesn't have any ties to any one ideology that dominates Daeridune.

    So the main thing we've yet to work out would be why exactly the gray continent is inhospitable, and what exactly the researchers of the floating city are, well, researching.
  9. Daeova builds high and is intended to be in the southern part of the continent.
  10. So, as I mentioned briefly in the chat the other night, I've started to delve into some more ideas for Pragara. It all started because I wanted to bring my old roleplay, Liquid Salvation, to life. Pragara with its connection to water-pressure machines seemed like a good setting for a steampunk roleplay. And on top of that, having a depletion of water and a lasting drought wouldn't have repercussions on Daeridune in quite as severe a fashion as it might on Terra.

    To begin, what do we know about Pragara?

    We know that Pragara has a lot of sprawling architecture. To me (and to Cerby), this indicates that Pragara is a much more "sprawling" nation than its neighbour, Daeova, to the south. Presumably, Pragara doesn't cover the ENTIRE north Auvresh landmass, but I picture it as being in the northern hemisphere, but still close to / bordering the Sandsea.

    Passage to Daeova from Pragara is probably fairly restricted by cost or willingness to cross the Sandsea. I wouldn't expect that crossing the Sandsea would be a particularly easy journey, and it would probably require some specialized navigation by some hardy veterans (or otherwise, fools). I imagine the passage of such vessels would be restricted to those who are willing to pay the price... or who are willing to take a chance with an untested crew. Not a journey one would tend to want to make alone or in small numbers.

    Although it isn't explicitly mentioned anywhere, the absence of mention of Pragara having any sort of reverance for Exelixus makes me assume that they are not particularly inclined to worship him. My first thought is that Pragara might be much more inspired by Daeova's progress rather than the ideology of one of Daeridune's patron deities. Pragara's name, itself, has made me think of "pragmatism," also, so maybe that is the root of the nation getting its name.

    I also feel like, politically, Pragara might have had its regime installed by Daeova in order for Daeova to have access to Pragara's superior medicine and medical capabilities. And maybe also its land. So Pragara previously / historically might not have been a particularly advanced nation, but contact with Daeova has led to a rapid attempt at modernization or industrialization. And this, to me, is the cause of Pragara's projects seeming so "rushed" -- they're attempting to play catch up with Daeova. However, they are doing it without the help / inspiration of a deity.

    e: Might be worth noting that I internally view the relationship between Daeova and Pragara as being comparable to the real-world relationship between China and North Korea, respectively... except less volatile (maybe?). Particularly, that the latter nations are subservient to the former nations, and the former often provides them with aid and direction.
  11. For the sake of having it written down in a place that is easy to access:

  12. This is extremely important information.

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