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DISCUSSION Cult of Ustream (Canon)

Discussion in 'The Manaverse Wiki Project' started by Keileon, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. Yes. Mainly, what we need is people to help decrypt all lore and events in a manner that can be easily-processable by newcomers. Because we do have a very large amount of lore behind CoU--you have to consider not only canonical events (from Season Zero all the way to the current point in the canon), but the backstories and relevant connections surrounding most of the characters as well. To make the task seem less excruciating, we could even draft a checklist of sorts: see what needs to be elaborated, what can be further expanded if context behind something isn't immediately clear to a reader, etc.
  2. I can toss in what I'd like to know more about. Might come back and touch this list up from time to time, also.

    1. What/Where is Ustream?

    2. Who is Drake Kuro?

    3. What was the Cult formed for?

    4. Where is the Chasm of the Unkown? What is its significance?

    5. There's almost no information at all in regards to The Sealbreakers. Who are they? Any goals or motivations? I assume what's sealed is unknown, so I don't expect that.

    6. Season Two/Three???

    7. Other factions? There's a lot mentioned in the wiki page but some are dead ends.

    8. There's a mention of a Dark Zone in the character list, but not in the plot. Relevant at all?
  3. Answers in bold.

    Ustream map for reference: http://www.furaffinity.net/full/16550637/

    More specific questions about the seals can probably be directed to Shadow.
  4. Welp, looks like it's time for me to come in.

    2. Who is Drake Kuro?
    Drake Kuro is a dracoimperist, and the main antagonist of Prologue. As recently discovered in-character, his goal is similiar to that of the Sealbreakers, seeking to release the entity sealed away in the Chasm of the Unknown. His intention, however, differs slightly from theirs in which he's simple seeking to utilize the entity's powers through one of his dragons. He was also largely unaware of the seals in Ustream until it was pointed out by one of the dragons he controlled, and thus he previously atttempt to brute force his way through the True Seal using the combined power of multiple Shadow Drakes, ultimately to no avail.

    6. Season Two/Three???
    Yeah, don't concern yourself with either of these much. As Kuda said, Season Two is ongoing and Season Three hasn't started. Though the thing is that we're barely into Season Two as it is, so it may be a while before we have a summary up for it.
  5. For future reference, this is a "checklist" of what is currently known about the Seals, in a IC and OoC context:

    1. The seals are material anchors to a region-wide spell (which encompasses a significant area of Ustream), which maintain a main seal, known as the True Seal.

    2. The actual physical location of the seal's effect (and thus, of the True Seal) is thought to be somewhere within the Chasm of the Unknown. Unconfirmed as nobody has actually ventured deep enough into the dimension, but extremely unlikely to be false because of multiple sources (e.g. Shadow Drakes, Kuro)

    3. Current assumption is that the seal is holding something of high significance, dangerous or valuable enough to be locked away with such a complicated system. The Sealbreakers, or at least Ahri (their leader), assume that it's an entity, but it's difficult to confirm this since nobody seems to know what the True Seal is holding.
  6. Can I request that someone give me a rundown on what's happened in S2 of CoU thus far? Eventually I'll get around to reading the logs, but I think that a bit of a synopsis is in order to catch the Wiki page up to speed.

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