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Cid's Repository of Retards

Discussion in 'Character Database' started by Cid, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. RE: Sol's Repository of Retards

    Name: WHP-01 (Prefers to be called Wit)
    Sex: Male
    Age: 5.2k years old.
    Weight: About 90 Pounds
    Height: 6"2
    Race: Promethei
    Description of Physical Attributes: Wit is quite obviously made almost entirely out of metal, or at least his casing is. His casing is actually fairly thin for a Promethei, except for around the chest area, which can be assumed is where his main components are. He has long arms, which are extendable and retractable. His right hand is capable of transforming into a long metal whip, and his left wrist has a blaster on it. Wit's brain casing is made out of tempered glass, so it is not too easy to see into.

    ~Powers and Perks~
    +Electric Whip: Wit can transfer some extra power into his whip to release some bursts of electrical energy out of the sides, causing his whip to shock enemies.
    +Charged Shot: Wit can take a little extra time to charge his wrist blaster to release a large burst of plasma.
    +Overload: Wit can over load his systems with power, depleting his batteries a bit faster, but dramatically increasing his abilities.

    Skills: Fairly Fast, Medium Range Fighting, Whip Manipulation (Can control the whip almost like a tentacle)

    Weapons: Metal Whip (Built In), Wrist Blaster (Built In)
    Apparel: Steel Plating (Built In), Tempered Glass (Built In)

    WHP-01 is only his model number. His real name is Wit, which he still prefers to be called by today. In his past life, WHP was a beast tamer. He was on the top of the world, as far as he was concerned. He enjoyed his job, and the exotic creatures which he got to work with. With his whip, he could make a lion back into a corner out of fear, and could make wolves follow his every command. Really, this was the only thing he had going for him in his life. He knew that some day, his life would end, and so would his career. He feared the thought of death, and so took every measure he could to avoid it. He tried taking some special medications to try and slow down his ageing process, he visited his doctor twice a week, and he even at one point resorted to some "magical" forces.

    In the end, he was growing old, and his life would come to an end within the next few years. He had to find a way to extend his life, and his career. Then one day, he had heard about a great scientist, who was capable of building nearly anything. Wit got ahold of this man, and requested of him to create a new robotic body, one that would last nearly forever if treated properly. One which would allow him to continue his career, and to extend his life dramatically. It cost Wit all of the money he had ever earned from his jobs over time, but he did it. His new robotic body was perfect. He was able to control the body, manipulate his arm into a whip, and think clearer then ever before.

    With his new body, he entered the ring again. Back to working with the animals, but there was one problem that arose from his career now. People thought it was fake. With him now being a Prometheus, people thought he was simply some robot designed to do this, and no one bothered to show up to his shows any more. He was forced to find new work, and with his new capabilities, he thought the new work path was clear. He would become a Mercenary.
  2. RE: Sol's Repository of Retards

    Name:Alan Flamewaker
    Age: 105
    Race: Lycan
    General Appearance:Alan is a male timber wolf Lycan. He is about 6"3 feet tall, and weighs about 120 pounds. Alan has dark black fur all around his body, except for some hair down his chest and stomach area, which is a lighter grey. Alan also wears a light tan robe, with a slightly darker tan near the top. Around his neck is an amulet, known as Awakening Flame. On his back, he is cloaked in a dark purple cloak, with a white inside. The only other thing he wears is a case at his side, presumably to carry around his instrument.

    Personality:Alan has a bit of a silent personality, only really speaking in when it is required, rather than being outward with his thoughts. He also seems to enjoy battle, almost as if he is getting back at someone by burning his enemies to death, although it is clear that he was not always like this.

    Biography: Alan as a young Lycan had something extra-ordinary about him. He seemed to have a certain affinity for reptilian creatures, as whenever he was near them, he felt better about himself, and almost understood what they would say. This really did not become entirely apparent to him until around the age of 20 however.

    Alan travelled out into the desert of his home planet after a while, becoming bored with the area, and wanting to go out and experience the world. His adventures eventually brought him across a wise man, who in his side time, was a snake charmer. Alan felt that this man would be the perfect mentor, as he would be able to get closer to his favourite creatures, as well as getting a profession he enjoyed.

    Alan's final test given to him from this man was to venture deep down into a cave, and not to exit until he had acquired the treasure within, which at the time was simply described as an engraved ruby and gold amulet. Days later, Alan emerged. He was covered in what was seemed to be ash, and soot, but otherwise was unharmed. It was as if he had changed into a completely different man upon obtaining the amulet.

    His master explained that this was the final test that a Flame Waker was to go through, which is what any man with the powers Alan had aspired to become. His master also gifted him one item before Alan was to finally head off on his own, after many years of being trained under him, the Obsidian Pungi. This would allow him to focus his power more, and it would not get burned when he unleashed it, like a regular wooden instrument wood.


    Instrument(s): Obsidian Pungi - A flute-like instrument which is traditionally crafted from a gourd, or wood, but this one gives the special ability to basically control fire.
    Instrument Abilities: The Obsidian Pungi allows Alan to truly channel his power, being able to summon numerous reptilian beings out of flame, as well as enabling him to play the music used to charm some weak minded reptiles.
    Character Abilities: Because Alan is a Lycan, he has increased physical abilities. He also is able to understand some reptilian language.
  3. RE: Sol's Repository of Retards

    Name: Arnold "SmoothMove"
    Race: Thenast
    Gender: Male
    Age: 56
    General Apperance: Arnold is a male Thenast, standing in at about 5"8 feet tall, with a fairly slender physique. He has a dark orange fur, and wears a white leather jacket. His jacket has green gems of some sort going up the side of the zipper, and under his jacket he wears a black undershirt. Arnold also wears black skin-tight pants with white knee length shorts over them. The other two notable features about him is his Black fedora, and his shoes. His shoes are gray, near the back getting a little taller. On the sides of his shoes, barely jutting out are little speakers, which would barely be noticable unless you were looking for them.
    Biography: TBA; Cid will fill this in later.)


    Instrument: "Dance", or at least that is what Arnold wants people to think, as really it is his shoes that are the true instruments.
    Instrument Abilities: Through the power of Rhythmic movements and beats, Arnold is able to create a trance like feeling appear in the person he is aiming for, almost hypnotising them. This causes them to mimic his movements, essentially causing them to dance. He can ofcourse use these powers for other uses, although he has been known to kill his enemies with exhaustion simply by forcing them to dance too long.
    Character Abilities: None.
  4. RE: Sol's Repository of Retards

    Name: Reglan Gern
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male



    Reglan, or "Reggie" is a person of about a medium weight, and an average height for a male, being at about 5"9'. He has a greenish-brownish shaggy hair, and a lightly tanned skin. He wears a blue Hoodie, although he keeps the hood down most of the time, and he is usually seen with a black pair of pants on. Because of not getting much sleep, he usually has dark bags under his eyes, which also are green. Has also has a couple of small scars near his knees from training with his Tyrogue.

    Reglan or "Reggie", is a person who seems to be quite violent, almost to the extent to where he would become a criminal, however he is not evil. He always has good intentions, no matter how rash, or even stupid his descisions may seem. His number one dream is to atleast have the chance to be able to meet the pokemon league, and to travel the world, becoming stronger as he does so with him and his pokemon.

    Background: Reggie's home town is the city of Emeralis, where he has lived in an apartment for quite a while, mostly by himself. He left his home when he was 14, right after he gained his first pokemon by the name of Snort, also known as his Poocheyena. Ever since, Reggie has simply been concentrating on training his pokemon to the full extent of their power, before he goes out to challenge the first gym, or perhaps embark to Obsidian Island for a death match. During training he also caught a Weedle, which is now A Beedrill, and a Tyrogue, which he simply calls in respective order, Drill, and Rogue. Snort is now a Mighteyena By not as well, and his Tyrogue seems quite close to evolving.

    -- Snort the Mighteyena Snort was the first pokemon Reggie obtained, and has been with him ever since. Reggie found snort roaming around in the alley ways of Emeralis City, and Took him home, eventually the two bonded, and Snort became his pokemon, albeit him never actually catching him with a pokeball. The reason he is named Snort is because when ever the creature gets really happy, it starts to snort quite loud, leading to believe that it has a nose problem.

    -- Drill the Beedrill Drill was the first pokemon Reggie actually caught with a pokeball, and his second pokemon obtained. Reggie caught Beedrill back when he was a weedle. Reggie was looking for some tough looking pokemon to catch, but all he could really find that day where Caterpie, and Weedle. He thought that the weedle looked quite a bit more menacing then the caterpie did, so he fought one with Snort, and caught it after a second pokeball thrown, as he has missed with the first pokeball.

    -- Rouge the Tyrogue Rogue was the third pokemon Reggie had ever obtained, and also the last one which he has currently caught. Reggie however, did not actually obtain this pokemon in the wild, but rather it was given to him by an old friend. His friend was unable to take care of the newly born Tyrogue, upon which two of his other pokemon has made while staying at the daycare. Reggie, in the end having a good heart decided to take in the Tyrogue, because in the end he knew that a Tyrogue could become a strong pokemon, and also the poor thing had no chance of surviving without him.

    PC None.



  5. RE: Sol's Repository of Retards

    Name: Rose Montaya
    Sex: Female
    Age: 19
    Weight: 90 Ilbs
    Height: 5"6
    Race: Human
    Description of Physical Attributes: Rose is a Female Human, and is just a little bit taller then the average girl. She is fairly skinny, and has brown hair. Her hair is usually tied back so it does not get in her face, mainly so it does not interrupt her concentration.

    In General: Cave Story - Access
    Battle: Syrsa - Entrail

    ~Powers and Perks~


    +Persuasive Action: Rose has extremely good skills in personality, and intelligence so usually she can figure out what someone likes simply by looking at them, and can then use that to persuade any person they feel.

    +Medical Aid: Rose has a large knowledge of the body, and how it works. Because of this she is able to quickly diagnose most injuries and diseases, and quickly cure them if the materials are had.

    +Chemical Knowledge: Rose can use her knowledge of chemicals to do a range of things to poisoning weapons, to even creating a bomb if she had the time.

    Skills: Intelligence, Medical Aid


    Weapons: 35mm. Pistol, used mainly for self defence.

    Lab Coat, Goggles (Usually Worn on fore-head)

    Miscellaneous: Copper Ring

    Rose, ever since she was born has been extremely smart. By the age of one, she could do 100 piece puzzles, and was potty trained. By the age of two, she was doing math of a grade level up to 3. She also was speaking in complete sentences by then too. By the time she was in highschool, she had a 4.0 average, and had 100's in each and every one of her classes. She still had not found this to satisfy her smarts though. She always looked for ways to challenge her, but she always overcame everything that was thrown at her. She soon became bored... until she found out about this.....
  6. RE: Sol's Repository of Retards

    Name: Erkin Asper
    Sex: Male
    Age: 32
    Weight: 120
    Height: 5"0
    Race: Fallen Angel
    Description of Physical Attributes: Erkin is a male Fallen Angel of average height with black wings, Black Wavy Hair coming down to about his shoulders, and has a scar above his right eye. He is also fairly skinny.

    In General: Cave Story - Cemetary
    Angered: Cave Story - Zombie
    In Battle: Cave Story - Opression

    ~Powers and Perks~


    +Plane Walk: Erkin will appear to be invisible, with the exception being his shadow, which ends up forming a medium sized circle on the ground where he moves. He can attack while using plane walk, although there is a chance that he will lose concentration and not be able to maintain the ability.

    +Bloody Stab: Erkin can make his arms move at an incredible speed, which when he has a blade weapon equipped, he can do a quick stab which leaves a clean cut, which will slowly start to bleed out faster and faster until all blood in that region of the body is gone.

    +Vampric Blade: Erkin can channel the power of the dead for a short time to preform a fast stab, which can then be held in the body of the enemy he stabs into, and then absorb the life energy right out of them. Can only be used once per 4 hours Ingame.

    Skills: Stealth, and Dual Wielding


    Weapons: Steel Dagger, Steel Shortsword.

    White Leather Armour, Black Leather Boots, Black Gloves

    Miscellaneous: Copper Amulet

    Erkin was a human criminal in his past life, although now he believes that having become a falen angel that he has been given another chance. So he is trying to spend his current life repenting his old ways, however he still has maintained some tactics he learned back then, such as the ability to drain life energy, However he does not use this very often now, and usually only in self defence.
  7. RE: Sol's Repository of Retards

    Name: Thaddeus Barclay
    Race: Canine, Pug
    Age: 19
    Weight: 60 Ilbs
    Height: 4"1

    Description: Thaddeus wears a large green shirt over his body, with the edges of the sleeves torn a bit, and some of it having been replaced with some patch work. He wears just some regular jeans, and a brown belt. Thaddeus also has black patches over his mouth and nose, and over his ears (Think the stereotypical pug).

    History & Personality: Thaddeus has always been a bit of a strange man, because no one is exactly sure were he came from. He roams the alley ways, looking for food, money, and places to sleep at night all day. Thaddeus has almost gone a bit insane, and seems to have split personalities, which are always fighting to get out.

  8. Name:
    Wyatt Zeplint
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10
    Appearance: Wyatt tries to take on the appearance of an Electric Elemental. He wears a yellow undershirt with a bright orange vest on top. Coming out of each spot of his vest are the patterns of thunder bolts. He wears black pants which come down into sort of bell bottoms, which nearing the bottom have more thunderbolt patterns surrounding the edges. He wears yellow work boots. His skin colour is a sort of orange tint, and he has combed back black spikey hair.

    Profession: Thunder Stryker: A Thunder Stryker is a proffesion rarely seen, however if mastered can become quite a powerful one, being able to call upon the power of lighting, and thunder. [Equips: Short Swords, Long Swords]

    Weapon: Short Sword [+1 ATK]
    Armor: Leather Vest [+1 DEF][3/3 DUR]
    Accessory: Work Boots [+1 Movement]

    A-Ability: Storm Cloud

    + Lightning Strike: Wyatt Can call a bolt of lighting to strike by summoning a small cloud above his enemy, doing moderate damage ATK: 120% Range: 2 Cells Element: Lightning. 6 MP

    + Sonic Boom Wyatt will use the power of thunder to create a wave of sound, which will do small damage and lower defence. ATK: 50% Range: 3 Cells Element: Wind Effect: Lowers DEF Temporarily by 50% (3 player Phases) 12 MP

    S-Ability: Lightning Reflexes. Can be used once per battle to give a quick boost of speed. [Movement + 3 for 2 player phases]
    E-Ability:- Charged Stab [ATK 150% Piercing DMG][Element: Electricity][Cells: 1][Effect: ignores EVA stat upon usage]
    HP: 25
    MP: 15
    ATK: 4 (+1 from Short Sword)
    DEF: 3 (+1 from Leather Vest)
    INT: 1
    SPR: 2
    EVA: 4%
    CRIT: 3%
    MOVE: 2 cells [+2 Job][+1 Boots]

    Upgrade Points:
    Skill Points:

  9. Name: Purist Thunderwrath
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10
    Appearance: Purist is a fairly well built man, standing at about 5"7. Purist has a ginger-coloured head of shaggy hair, grown out to about neck length. He tends to wear heavy armour most, if not all of the time.

    Profession: Omniknight: The Omniknight is a protector of all living beings that follow under the path of justice. An Omni-Knight's holy powers allow him to do a number of things, such as heal an ally, or buff them.

    Weapon: Omniscient Maul [+1 INT]
    Armor: Steel Plate [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Holy Cross [+5 EP]


    A-Ability: Gods Summoning

    + Purification: The Omniknight is able to call upon the power of the gods to heal an ally, while dealing a small amount of splash damage to nearby enemies. 100% Int HP Recovery . Inflicts 50% Total Recovery as Splash. Uses Caster's Int. Range: 2 Cells. Splash: Adjacent Cells. EP: (To be set)

    + Repel: The Omniknight uses the defensive powers of the god to make one ally immune to one ability, or spell, only lasts a certain amount of time though. Range: 3 Cells Element: None Effect: Immunity to one magical spell for%
  10. Name: Avernus Revoltis
    Gender: Male
    Age: 46
    Level: 1
    Next Level: 0/10
    Appearance: Avernus is a man standing about 5"8 tall. He has a bit of an elderly appearance, yet he still looks young, in a way. He has white hair which flows down the back of his head, looking as if he hasn't washed it in several days. His skin is a pale-blue colour, as if Avernus had been dead for several days, or as if he had gone without air for several minutes. Avernus wears a dark gray cloak, usually leaving the hood down when not in combat.

    Profession: Abyssal Priest: An Abyssal priest is almost the exact opposite of what one would expect a priest to be. An Abyssal priest takes on the very power of pain, and suffering to keep allied people alive, while still keeping himself always on the brink of death.
    Weapon: Omniscient Maul [+1 INT]
    Armor: Steel Plate [+1 DEF]
    Accessory: Holy Cross [+5 MP]

    A-Ability: Abyssal Purification

    + Aphotic Shield: Summons dark energies around an ally unit, creating a shield that absorbs a set amount of damage before expiring. When the shield is destroyed it will burst and deal damage equal to the amount it absorbed to an area around it. Inflicts 100% Damage Absorbed as Splash. Absorbs up to 5 Damage + 100% of the target's Defence. Range: 2 Cells. Splash: Adjacent Cells. Element: Neutral MP: ?

    + Death Coil: The Abyssal Priest releases a coil of death that can damage an enemy unit or heal a friendly unit at the cost of some of his own health. Damage dealt to the Abyssal Priest and enemies is piercing. 100% INT Damage/Heal. Uses own INT. Range: 3 Cells Element: Neutral HP-Cost: ?

    S-Ability: Borrowed Time: Can be used once per battle to make any damage to a friendly unit heal them instead for one player phase.
    E-Ability: Sunder: When used, the Abyssal Priest will swap his own health with the enemy's current health amount. The swap cannot bring the enemy below 20% health. The swap cannot heal the Abyssal Priest more health than he is able to hold.

    Upgrade Points:
    Skill Points:


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