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Cid does poetry and stuff

Discussion in 'Creation Station' started by Cid, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. Yes I write poetry. Not often, but I do. Going to just dump it here. It's mostly free-verse so if you don't like that kinda thing then oh well. Some of the stuff I'm posting here is kinda old too, but whatever right. Nothing I write tends to be literal.

    With a moment of incertitude.
    100 pressure points collaborate,
    taking my senses away.
    Fears of digits stay unknown
    Severe problems with nerves
    Today, quite unusually the message crawls
    Back and forth through the body
    100 turn-arounds day by day
    Missing properties lead the way
    Further and further until I can take no more
    Repressed memories tell what it's for

    Living a small and pitiful life,
    Death Knocks upon my door
    Here for me, I will not accept this
    Unpleasant talk echoes throughout
    Both mind and spirit spread out
    As if to melt the bad blood away

    Slowly devouring life,
    The eyes of the forseer are taken
    And as he prayed, he glared at you.
    Nature so tragic, delectable for the mind
    Inside it all, body and soul,
    Love and ego meet their end.

    Without understanding,
    I run through the night.
    Without anything said,
    I merely keep on watching.
    Some cheap words have been lined up,
    but just what is the goal?
    My sanity is barely there,
    but is weakly decaying.

    Lands beyond reach, afar and on high...
    The winds within me seek refuge
    Once, the wind was a mortal
    If the old tales are true, then I am one with you.
    That's why I hold the sky so dear

    Incarnations of atmosphere, those spirits of wind
    Clad in silken robes, climb to the heavens
    The sparkling sun paints a picture in the earth
    The gentle sea softly whispers its delight

    Even though I cannot see the breeze that blows far and wide
    Your presence is felt, on skin, in the ears, in my heart
    So I set out, to see the winds

    I am the target.
    Some people gossip about me.
    "Isn't he so annoying?"
    For a reason as simple as that.

    I am now contaminated
    and it won't escape anywhere.
    Recently my heart is ill too.
    It hurts, it pains me

    Even though I want help
    I can't find one to rely on.
    Even though its painful, agonizing,
    I can't find even one place to escape.

    Everyone looks down upon it.
    Just what do you want?
    Its about to shatter into pieces.
    Just where does it disappear?

    Logic could appear for us
    Something dark, in the midst of things
    More seem to appear, the longer it takes
    Deterrent abnormality causes disfunction.
    Multiply the number of trepidations
    and it gets caught in the throat
    Darkness approaching, the world in dissonance
    As the gears turn, and fuel my insanity
    As I pull the lever, and change it all.
    I don't want this ending

    it's difficult, it's sad,
    it's regrettable, I just want to stop
    and yet I'm not even allowed to do that,
    but only keep on losing more and more.
    It's too painful, unaquirable.
    it's futile, that I want to erase all of it.
    abandon anything and everything,
    fly off, and make an clamorous outcry,


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