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DISCUSSION Character Music Tastes

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Eebit, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. Shuffle your playlists, ladies and germs, we're going exploring into what your characters enjoy listening to!

    As I was walking along to class earlier, listening to music, and I started thinking about how better to get into character. Kind of got me thinking about a variety of things to better 'understand' my characters, and this was one of those means. If you had to pick out what your character would enjoy listening to, what would it be? How similar or different is that to your own music tastes?
  2. Richard would prefer smooth jazz because he thinks he's cool.

    Roxanne would go for bubblegum pop because she thinks she's cool.
  3. As much as I like classic rock, power metal, and other such genres, I highly doubt Jason would- sensitive ears and all that. He'd probably go for softer music, maybe celtic, which is fine with me since I love that genre as well. Besides, Durasken is already very slightly based on Ireland, so why not!
  4. Riley would like rock and electronic, and she loves violin.
    Sydney likes heavy metal and deep indie electronic/trance/D&B. (She secretly practices violin)
  5. Well, Sam for sure listens to jazzy music, probably fusion stuff. She's bright and bubbly and smooth as a muhfucka so it fits.

    Vulka is a different case. Realistically she'd listen to whatever bard that would happen to be close by, but a modern-day Vulka would be a viking metal chick. Hella.

    Zein...Probably rock/metal too. Though I could see her listening to hardcore gangsta rap to be ironic.

    Naeova, oh Naeova. One thing and one thing only: moody piano solos.
  6. Canon!Austere has been around so long that he basically has an admiration for any type of music. However, he's partial towards extremely traditional folk and bluegrass tunes, as well as classical orchestral compositions, since they were the music he was first exposed to back in the 1700s.

    Rock fancies himself some rock, since they share a name. You thought it'd be hip-hop right lel.

    Tomari fancies himself a piano composition like those which were produced by Chopin, being the brooding, studious type that he is. He also would secretly adore T. Swift's music, especially "Blank Space," and if a colleague knew that I'm sure he'd crumple to bits.

    Richter is almost entirely exclusive to 20s and 30s jazz, like the Gershwins. 

    Baboy Man likes R&B, funk, and hip-hop.

    Vacuum Duck likes house electronic and tribal.

    Blaise likes to fuse funk, rap, and rock elements together in his music, and that reflects in what's on his iPod.

    Dennis Cade is a fan of 40s, 50s, and 60s era jazz, like the Rat Pack. He'll scoff at Austere for enjoying Katy Perry in my upcoming book featuring them. Music snob.

    Jane... Jane...


    Flamezone's Fire Emblem roleplay, may you rest in peace. ;-;

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