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Chaç en-ait Rai-Kouhal

Discussion in 'Freeform Roleplays' started by Keileon, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. .:: This is a 1x1 roleplay between @Keileon and @Timber-K ::.

    BGM Set: Footsteps of Destruction

    The bustling city nestled comfortably on a small island almost defied the state of its world, a planet locked in the middle of an age fittingly called the Dissonant Era, the Age of Conflict. A world ripped apart in the last six or so centuries by wars over resources and ideas and survival, the country this city called its own among the forerunners of the destruction of life. Home to three races that were constantly at odds with each other, it is a wonder that the proud capital has stood for so long without crumbling to the ground.

    But humans are a tenacious species. Building sprawling cities simply because it is in their ability, this race is without question the most socially advanced, and perhaps it is this that has enabled them to survive so long when pitted against creatures of magic and hunters of the wild. For when one on Euthora imagines a dragon slayer, their thoughts are immediately drawn to humans. When one thinks of the taming and civilizing of a Shapeshifter, they think of human society and its influence on these wild creatures. And with the end of the Fyreborne War only now fading from the memories of the populace, these three races living cheek-to-jowl in this city creates... unwarranted tension.

    Tarik, Durasken.

    The strongest land-based military on Euthora makes its home here, and the country frequently wars with Seotara, its neighbor to the east. Durasken's actions are governed by a group of (allegedly) five powerful magi known as the High Circle, their exact identities unknown but their insignia- a golden tribal phoenix on a dark blue background- recognized worldwide. A magocracy state that has been known to give rise to reputed sorcerers, lending to the large amount of enchanted equipment and weaponry used by Tarikian guards and the country's military. The High Circle, however, obviously keeps the best objects for themselves. Jeweled staves which can supplement the user's Mana pools are common among them. Their robes are reportedly enchanted to withstand any direct strike, be it physical or magical. They are even rumored to possess objects enchanted to halt the very passage of time, granting them what seems to be immortality.

    The High Circle keeps few advisers, but one in particular has gained enough favor with his superiors to be allowed the items they would normally keep for themselves. A tall, lean man with blond hair and pale green eyes, typically dressed in white with a purple shirt underneath the white undercoat. The golden phoenix adorned his back to mark his rank, but he did not seem to have been granted the robes of the ruling class...

    This man stood in the depths of the enormous castle-like building that served as the High Circle's base, shared only by scarce advisers and personal guards. These guards were among the elite of the military, allowed to keep multiple Shapeshifters in enchanted harnesses which forced them to do what their handlers ordered. With the somewhat recent rise of a certain demigod- who happened to have a hand in stopping the Fyreborne War- many people had begun to question the forceful usage of an intelligent species as guard dogs- but who cared, really? Those who spoke out did so in fear of their newest figure of legend, a half-dragon Shapeshifter and the son of Rae herself, but he never came to stop Durasken from using Shapeshifters how they always had.

    What were Shapeshifters besides intelligent beasts, anyway? Hunters by nature, weapons by training, they were no better in principle than a birdkeeper's falcon or a magus's familiar. Without humans, Shapeshifters would still be scrounging for food in the wild like any other mindless predator, so why shouldn't humans make them earn their keep?

    The man sighed as he stepped back from a now-complete magic circle that he had been arranging. As an... adviser to the High Circle, it was his duty to periodically gather information on the residents of the city to quell any troublesome upstarts, and this was easier with a familiar doing the work. It was also easier to summon it oneself instead of borrowing a guard's pet Shapeshifter- which weren't to be trusted with information anyway- or capturing some bird or rat from the wild. No, creatures summoned purely from magic were the most reliable way to spy and scout, and the man knew this.

    "Let's get started." Directed at nobody in particular, the man's smooth drawl rang out in the confines of the dimly-lit room. Stepping back a few more feet, a jeweled staff materialized in his hand, the large amethyst at the tip glowing brilliantly with conserved Mana as he pointed it at the circle, which glowed in response. "Familiar spirit, you are called forth to serve. To obey the sorcerer that summons you, to gather resources and information when needed. The very Mana in this room bends to my will, pulling you forth." And indeed it did; the room was lit by no more than a candle, the staff, and the circle, but a sourceless blue glow was now cast in the several square meters of space available.

    The man tightened his grip on the staff, and several of the jewels began to light up as the Mana in them was being released. "I repeat, you are called forth, summoned to serve. Answer my call, familiar, as is your duty to the magus who calls for you."
  2. In a world much different to that of the summoner, in open space, there floated what would at first seem to just be an oddly shaped mass of black material. At least that was the appearance of the thing's current form. It loosely followed another mass, different in color, being a glowing blue, almost white. This second mass moved along, as if it were oblivious to the inky formation following behind it. Suddenly, a claw-like shape extended from the black form, long talons ready to grasp at the still unaware blue form. It looked as if it was about to strike, when suddenly, it stopped. The claw trembled slightly as the black mass sensed a.. disturbance in the area.

    The claw returned itself to the form it belonged to, and it simply rested there, distracted by something it couldn't see. It suddenly found that it was surrounded by a darker blue glow. It felt oddly drawn to this blue glow, and that slight attraction, rather abruptly, turned into a full-on pull toward whatever force was behind it. The black mass recognized it as what was likely a portal to another world. Upon realizing this, it decided to just let this portal take it to whatever was behind it.

    In a flash of white, it disappeared from the realm that it was in right before. And on the other side, a bubbling puddle of black liquid formed in the center of a circle, drawn by the summoner. The puddle spread out across most of the circle, and tendrils slowly began to rise from it. They went up several feet, then started to twist around each other, in what looked like an effort to form something. This something gradually solidified into a vaguely humanoid shape as the puddle shrank and the tendrils continued to wrap themselves into this new shape.

    First the legs formed. They were thin, but beast-like in appearance, sharp forms jutting out of the heels. Next came the torso, and the arms, which were even skinnier than the legs. Two black, viciously jagged shapes shot out of the creature's back, resembling wings. A long tail also formed, tipped with a very sharp-looking, barbed shape. Then, finally, the head and face formed. Unlike the rest of the body which was covered in dark fur, the face was pale and reminiscent of a mask of sorts. The one thing on its asymmetrical face that resembled an eye appeared to have three threads stitched over it. Its head was adorned by to horns of the same pale color as the rest of the head- the crooked right horn bent and pointed inwards, towards the face, and the less crooked left horn pointed bent around straight forward. The thing's sharp teeth formed into a wide grin as its formation was completed.

    It took at its surroundings briefly. This was a new place, one it hadn't seen before. An unexplored area of the living realm, it seemed. Then it noticed a man standing before it. The creature laughed. "So.. A human? This is interesting. I take it you're the one who brought me here for this little visit." The thing's grin widened more- one would have thought that its previous grin was as far apart as it would have been able to pull the corners of its mouth. The creature stretched itself out and took a step closer to its summoner. "Now then, I'm assuming there's a reason for that, right?"
  3. The man watched in satisfaction as what would be his familiar materialized... but then blinked, raising an eyebrow, as the creature took on a more definite shape. It wasn't any sort of creature he'd seen before, with its skull-mask and writhing wings. Some sort of furred, vaguely draconic being, its head asymmetrical and split by an impossibly wide grin. Despite the unexpected occurrence, however, the man simply put a hand to his chin as if considering, though he still appeared surprised.

    And then it spoke.

    "So.. A human? This is interesting. I take it you're the one who brought me here for this little visit. Now then, I'm assuming there's a reason for that, right?"

    The man didn't falter once as he replied smoothly, regarding the being with cool eyes. "Oh, naturally," he nodded, resting the end of his staff against the ground. "I was attempting to summon a familiar for reconnaissance purposes, but I seem to have summoned you instead. I can't imagine how that happened." He gave a nonchalant shrug, before crossing his arms, the staff vanishing as he did so. While he didn't appear displeased or critical, there was something clear in his eyes. This was unprecedentedly unexpected.

    "Summoning a familiar is such a simple task that I must have overestimated the amount of Mana it would take," he concluded with arrogant words spoken in a tone that would suggest that this was only natural. "Which means you're going to be more powerful and more intelligent than the average familiar. I'll take it, then." The man in white reached out with his right hand towards the creature, as if shaking hands with this thing was the most natural thing in the world. "Sagitrai Kerasado. May I ask your name?"

    The question was innocent enough, but the now identified man's tone left no doubt that it wasn't a request.
  4. The being replied to the man in a casual tone, which almost looked out of place. "Familiar, ah? Yeah, I think I'm a notch up above that." The being thought for a moment. It was brought here to do something for the human? And for reconnaissance, as well. Initially, the creature wouldn't have liked to serve a human, or any other living being for that matter. But, thinking of the job.. The being saw opportunity in this. And they could sense some tension in this area. It was certainly a great opportunity. Very well, I'll humor him, see how this goes.. it thought to itself.

    After that brief moment, it extended its own clawed hand to shake with the one who introduced himself as Sagitrai Kerasado. "Pleased to make your acquaintance, Kerasado. I go by the name of Ynykh. Some choose to shorten it to Yin." The being bowed their head slightly, that ever so pleasant expression remaining on its face as if it were stuck that way forever. The being raised their head again and ran one of the claws on their other hand down the side of their face, making a very slight, hollow scratching sound. "I think I'm willing enough to take on your little job offer.." they said. Their tone and wording made it apparent that they fully believed they had a choice in the matter, being able to simply and easily walk away if they wished, and that their service was of high privilege; even if this wasn't the case in reality.

    Breaking the handshake and turning to observe the dimly lit room, they spoke once more. "Ahh, before that begins, though.. The energy I'm sensing in this area feels foreign to me. I don't believe I have been here before. Say.. Be so kind as to tell me exactly what world I'm in?" The tone Ynykh used made it sound like a mundane, everyday question. It would be such a shame to be running about in a world that they didn't even know the name of, especially if it was going to be for an extended length of time.
  5. The glow of the magic circle soon faded as Sagitrai deactivated it with little more than a thought, and he approached an unlit lantern a few feet away as the being, Ynykh, posed its question. Sagitrai's answer was smooth, as if this question wasn't completely absurd. "You are on a planet known as Euthora. The energy you are sensing here is most likely Mana." Muttering something under his breath, the sorcerer picked up the lantern, its inner confines flaring up with magical flame, a light source.

    Placing the white hat upon his head, Sagitrai inclined his head to Ynykh. "Very well, "Yin". If the current circumstances are agreeable to you, I would like to see your capabilities before deciding how best to approach the unexpected twist in the situation." He approached a set of stone stairs leading up, motioning for the summoned creature to follow. His staff appearing once more, with the lantern dangling from it, he glanced back.

    "If you are very much more powerful than the familiar I was attempting to summon, I may have a better use for you- and possibly more entertaining for you, as well- than simply gathering information." His words were casual and matter-of-fact, but conveyed a sense of organization and thoughts that weren't necessarily being put into words. A coy, almost dangerous glint appeared in the pale green irises. "After all, I can summon a simple familiar any time I wish."

    "It isn't every day that I summon something like you."
  6. Ynykh nodded as their question was answered. Euthora. This definitely was a new place. New places, new opportunities.. they thought. The energy did feel quite strong. This was something they could work well with. Upon being motioned to follow the man, Ynykh did so, listening to his proposal. They felt some excitement rise within themself as he concluded. Ynykh's ever-present smile widened once more.

    Ynykh ran a single sharp, clawed finger along the stone walls of the stairway as the two ascended it. "Another job.." The being laughed. The tone used by Sagitrai suggested something that Ynykh would indeed enjoy. ".. I certainly like the sound of this.. Yes, I'd be willing to listen to some more details.."

    The being sounded enthusiastic enough, willing to show this summoner what they had to offer in terms of abilities. If the job required a demonstration, then Yynkh was in for a treat, no doubt.
  7. Sagitrai nodded, scaling the rest of the stairwell and gripping the doorknob. "One word of advice: you will likely receive stares from those who are not summoners." He looked back at Ynykh for a moment. It is best to ignore those who are obviously of a... lesser class than the robed mages you will see in here. They are not worth your time, or mine." He then slowly opened the door, with light flooding into the dimly-lit room.

    Stepping out, the two would find themselves in a vast room dotted with church-like, stained glass windows. The area was open and spacious, with a large archlike entryway leading outside. The floor was even polished, almost reflective, with a glossy finish and a brilliant golden bird adorning the center, similar in style to the one on Sagitrai's back. A high, cathedral-esque ceiling rose above the two, its walls built from gray stone that was as smooth and polished, but less reflective, as the floor.

    As the two walked further into the antechamber, the door to the summoning room swung shut as if on its own. Along the walls were small tables large enough for maybe two people to sit at, with flickering candles set upon them and casting a fiery glow on the edges of the room. Though few people were at these tables, those who were seemed to be studying tomes or retrieving information or artifacts from glowing blue familiars. Near the entrance to the room, a few people conversed- one in dark blue robes with golden lining, one in obviously elite guard (or perhaps military) apparel, and a sullen young man sitting on the floor, a faintly glowing harness on his torso.

    It would be more accurate to say that the first two were conversing, actually. The man in the harness- with glaring orange eyes and curiously pale blue hair- looked resentfully at the guard, though he was utterly ignored. As Sagitrai and Ynykh approached the center of the room, the young man's eyes flicked to them- a suspicious look on his face as he observed the creature, but Sagitrai ignored him as well.

    The sorcerer stopped in the middle of the room- there was plenty of space around them, and a magical display would be unlikely to harm anyone unless intended. "Very well, Yin. There is ample space here, if you wish to give me a demonstration. What can you do?"
  8. Ynykh paid no mind to the others as they walked past, not even the man who had shot them the suspicious look. In fact, Ynykh was so used to such responses that they barely even noticed it. The being felt more energized after entering a room with more living beings in it. When the two of them reached the more spacious area, Ynykh walked out ahead of Sagitrai, gaining some distance before turning around to begin.

    Ynykh put two claws together and rubbed them. A pitch black cloud with jagged and defined, but writhing edges not unlike those of the being's wings formed around them. They then separated their two claws, and the cloud dispersed to reveal a sphere of the same color formed between them. Ynykh put a single hand under it, over which it levitated a couple inches. "This is one of my more basic abilities.." the being said. "The strength of these, along with other offensive functions depends on how much.. energy I've consumed."

    They waved the claw quickly, causing the orb to lose its shape and form another black cloud around that claw. Ynykh raised the other claw in a fist and opened it, after which it formed its own inky cloud. The being bent their knees and dropped so that they balanced on the bases of their feet, closer to the ground. They placed two smoking claws onto the ground and what looked like a small, single black flame formed on the ground before them. The flame then tore across the ground at a high speed, forming a circle around the creature. The being rose once more, back to standing as some tendrils similar to the ones seen during their formation also rose from the circle, averaging at about five feet high, topping at around ten. The very air felt as if it were pulsing with whatever energy this circle contained. ".. This one especially. It's one of my more.. special abilities, though."

    And having no need to use this "special ability", the being snapped its fingers and the tendrils and black smoke dissipated into clusters of particles, which all returned to their claws, where they disappeared from sight. Ynykh's tail swished to one side as they lifted a finger to the chin of their angular face and appeared thoughtful for a moment. "A basic rundown of how exactly I work is that I feed upon the energy of living beings such as yourself, and then use it for other things. Energy of the negative type, mainly, as I find it's the most.. effective." And Ynykh did feel a presence of some negative energy in this atmosphere- some tension from the harnessed man they had crossed, they supposed. "And it works especially well for throwing straight at a target in large amounts. All of that at once can be quite overwhelming." They laughed as if this was some sort of joke that only they got, and grinned. "Actually, that was the use of the circle I had just created and destroyed."
  9. "Fascinating," Sagitrai remarked, looking Ynykh up and down as he did so not that the light was better. "On average, how energy-efficient is that last attack, and how viable to set up?" Straight to business, the sorcerer wasted no time in asking about the specifics and capabilities of his summon's techniques, the better to decide how to use this creature to its fullest. Negative energy was, unfortunately, something that was very common in the area, but Sagitrai was unsure about other places in Euthora.

    With this in mind, he spoke up again. "Let's say you take a large amount of negative energy," the sorcerer began. His gaze flicked over to the man in the harness for the first time, thoughtful, as if his train of thought included him. The man simply glared back. "Are you able to store excess energy for later use? And if that is possible, for how long?"

    As Sagitrai waited for Ynykh's reply, he held out an arm to the side. In a small burst of Mana, a translucent, pale blue bird seeming to be made from Mana itself appeared on his palm. The bird took flight, gliding over to the other robed man and the guard. As Sagitrai watched, the bird seemed to chirp something to the robed man, who gave a slight chuckle and said something inaudible to the guard. The guard smirked in return, then turned to the man in the harness (who shied away as if by habit) and grabbed the back of the harness roughly, pulling the man to his feet by force.

    Despite the rough handling, the man made no attempt to escape, but stood there with clear resentment on his face. Sagitrai glanced at Ynykh again. "If you would, demonstrate your abilities on that man. Do not fret over killing him if you feel you wish to; he is as expendable as any other beast in a harness." The words were cold, but his tone was as an archery instructor telling a student to practice aiming at a moving target by killing a fox.
  10. "Well.." they began, "The last attack I showed you takes quite a bit of energy, though its effects are quite potent, especially if I decide to throw an especially large amount of energy into it.. As for energy storing, that can be done. I can set aside any excess energy I've taken in for attacks.Though seeing as I need to feed upon it to assure my continued existence, it would slowly deplete with passing time. How long, exactly, depends on how much I've been able to store." The being replied without hesitance, having absolutely no problems with revealing more about themself. Ynykh looked to the harnessed man as he was roughly handled and pulled up by one of the guards.

    "If you would, demonstrate your abilities on that man. Do not fret over killing him if you feel you wish to; he is as expendable as any other beast in a harness."

    The being started to build its attack again. With a wave of both of its claws, black matter surrounded them. They decided they would start off with the orb in the first attack demonstrated. They opened a claw and the black matter formed into a sphere. Yynkh held the claw further out in front of themself, directed at the man in the harness. They showed little concern for the target as they sent the sphere flying at the man with a slight movement of the hand.

    Yin stood to observe, igniting the claw that had been used to form the sphere with the black flame once more. It began to prepare itself to demonstrate the second, more powerful attack from earlier, if the target were to survive this one. And that would likely be the case with the weaker attack.

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