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Canada is a magical place

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Muddy, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. So like, I've been here for a few weeks and I've confirmed my initial thoughts. This place is magical. I mean, I think I heard an ice cream truck just pass by here when I started typing.

    First of all, have you ever seen a scientist Mr. Skeltal? (Praise be unto him doot doot) No? Well, I have. In a cosmetics store. In Canada.

    And how about around 50 Macs? In a Psychology lab? (Somebody tell me why Psychology students need access to expensive Macs, I'm legit curious. Why just not use regular PC's?)

    And finally... What about a channel that only exists to constantly stream an aquarium to your TV?! What about that?! What the fuck.
    I watched this for like 10 minutes hoping it was some kind of joke but no. Nothing. No plot twist.

    And according to an anonymous source (Eebit), you get a yule log channel in the Winter.

    this place. this place.

    And guys. Some people actually do say 'eh' here.

  2. I know, eh? Come up a bit further north while you're here and I'll let you pet my polar bear :). I'll just have to make sure he's had his daily helping of maple syrup before you approach him, or he'll get dangerous.
  3. Did I read something I shouldn't have
  4. As much as it may compel you, I must urge you to not set your television set on fire even if you really badly want to.

    We don't talk about those times. Not since... the accident...
  5. ufckinwotm8 context doesn't work like that rofl
  6. @Muddy Can we take you skating?!?
  7. Of course! I've always wanted to go skating. J-Just don't laugh if I spend most of the time on the floor.
  8. Don't worry!  We'll teach you.  Everyone starts off looking like they are drunk.
  9. And today I went to have dinner at this medieval times place complete with jousting, hawks, a jester that nobody laughed at, a giant piece of chicken and well choreographed sordfights.


    All in all it was a fun day.
  10. So! Last Friday couple of friends and I were heading to the cafeteria to buy some lunch. The instant we stepped in, two ladies approached us and asked a simple question:

    "Would you guys like some free pizza?"

    I was skeptical, but one the guys said "...Sure, why not". A third girl appeared from behind the ladies and handed the guy two full boxes of pizza. My reaction was just a surprised "W-what. Why.". They responded with "Oh, we accidentally ordered 4 times the amount of pizza we intended. We're not used to buying them online."

    We all said a somewhat confused thank you and enjoyed our free lunch.

    Moral: Pizza City has some shitty pizza. But it's delicious when it's free.


    And today I arrived too early for my only class at Sheridan College. So I decided to explore the campus since this was only my third time there and I always headed directly to the classroom. While walking around I found a pretty cool library (That loans games), a huge study area that must feel great to study in and the obligatory corridor full of graffiti. Seeing as Sheridan College is a place full of designers and artists, I expected to see some pretty good art. And I did! I saw a lot of REALLY good art there, and a bit of good Homestuck fanart too oddly enough.


    Do you know what I saw the most?



    I saw at least 6 different large paintings of him. I said large. There were a bunch of small doodles of him everywhere in that corridor. I was scared. And the worst part? I heard someone say "Last year's graffiti was better".

    Guys, imagine the amount of art of him must cover those walls. Imagine.

    Moral: It's all ogre now.

    and there was this one cute girl drawing this amazing anime-styled art that I would pay to own
  11. So I revisited the Great Graffiti Wall today and found the Best Thing:


  12. >Octagon

  13. oh god please no
  14. Oh dear Venom on a Sahelanthropus
  15. "It's just like one of my japanese animes"
  16. So yesterday I was wandering around Toronto with some friends and unintentionally walked past this place. I looked at it, and found it so familiar for some reason and it kept bothering me why I thought I'd seen it before somewhere. On the way back we walked past by it and then I remembered. I remembered that Honest Ed's was where Scott Pilgrim had his first bout against Ramona's third evil ex-boyfriend! Man, as a huge, huge fan of Scott Pilgrim you guys could not imagine how happy that left me for some reason. Man.
  17. Oh man, Honest Ed's. That's a piece of Toronto history right there.
  18. I've never actually heard of Honest Eds. Is this something I'm going to have to look into once I move to toronto? haha

  19. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honest_Ed's
  20. Too bad it's apparently closing next year! I'm glad I got to see it before that happened.

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