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blackout's Database of People of Interest

Discussion in 'Character Database' started by KansasNomad, May 22, 2013.

  1. Welcome one and all to my database of Characters that I really like for whatever reasons I can or can't think of. Feel free to browse and stuff.
  2. Tekton Scalar

    Age: 24
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 145lbs
    Eye Colour: Brown

    Physical Characteristics: Shaggy hair that goes just past his eyes and fit. He has a scar that goes from the side of his left eye and all along the left side of his head from an arrow that just missed. He is also missing the top fourth of his left ear from the same arrow. Also has little scars from sparks all along his forearms.

    Clothing: Usually wears goggles on his head to keep the hair out of his eyes and his other clothing is travel worn. Likes to wear long pants and a tunic. Replaces the tunic for a leather apron whenever he works at his forge.

    Weapons: He wields a large glaive with a hook welded to the back of the blade and a longsword both of which he is skilled with from his days of exploring and occasional mercenary work.

    Armor: When he goes into battle he wears a suit of full plate armor (think elite knight set from Dark Souls). He doesn't wear any armor otherwise.

    History: Tekton was born as raised in Planaya's floating capital city and from an early age showed prowess as an engineer and smith. However, he had a bad case of Wanderlust and at age 18 took his glaive and sword and left to go explore the world. He has visited almost every nation, except for Eshdao. He eventually ended up on the shores of the mysterious island south of Eshdao when the ship he was traveling on sank in a storm. He was the only survivor of that wreck. The island's interior was filled ancient ruins of a civilization of engineers. Eventually, Tekton found a factory hidden in the side of a mountain and, after weeks of searching the facility, found a power source to restart the factory. The factory began to produce 8 foot tall mechanical soldiers armed with an assortment of weapons that ranged from swords and spears to drills and hammers. When he found a helmet that allowed him to control the army he set the geared soldiers to work to build an air fleet large enough to transport his new army to anywhere in Galamion. With his skill as an engineer Tekton has also been able to begin producing mechanical dragons, which, although smaller than real dragons, are just as fierce and dangerous as their flesh counterparts. Tekton is gearing up for something big, sending out his mechanical soldiers to find more factories and resources, but what that something is, not even Tekton knows.
  3. Name: Rashid Telcontar
    Age: 25
    Weight: 170lbs
    Height: 5' 10"
    Race: Deuntian from Olput, Ulma.
    Appearance: Shortish black hair and brown skinned. Green eys and fit from years of training and maintaining peak condition.

    Background and Other Info - Member of the Unity Guard. One of the few Rangers of the Guard who are under the direct command of the Circle. Free to do as he wishes until he is needed he flies often to other nations to establish connections which may be needed in the future. Master of dragon combat, he is very skilled with the chained hook and decent with the bow. His green dragon Kiklos, of the dragons bred specially for the Guard, is never far from his master and is as swift as he is strong. Kiklos' blue flames burn hot enough to melt armor of most kinds. The dragon is powerful enough to be able to single handedly take down small airships and boats. Rashid wears only a light mail shirt under ranger garb when not going into combat. When going to war, wears a full plate set and Kiklos wears dragon plate armor as well.

    History: After showing advanced telepathic abilities, he was recruited to be trained as a Knight of the Unity Guard at age 7. When his training was completed at age 18 he was given his first mission. The mission was to eliminate a group of Silent Terrorists in the western mountains. Of the 10 that left for the mission, only 2 returned. The enemy was slain, but at a terrible cost. Rashid would go on to prove his mettle against other enemies and by age 22 was promoted to Ranger of the Guard.

    Personality: Calm and slow to anger, Rashid is a protector of those he sees as good people, especially willing to die for any member of the Collective. He is a gentle man and good, but is merciless in combat.

    Weapons: Uses a large hook attached to a long, thin, and supper strong chain (Think Sanford from Madness), Longbow, and two daggers

    Abilities/Skills:Affluent with the above weapons and as a member of the Collective, has telepathic abilites. Communicates with Kiklos through telepathy as well. Expert woodsman and master dragon rider. However, without Kiklos, Rashid's combat effectiveness falls greatly to the point wear he can only excel in not getting himself killed.
  4. Name: Cain Taiir
    Age: 28
    Weight: 145lbs
    Height: 5' 9"
    Race: Human from Aeneryia
    Appearance: Green eyes and silver hair, like the rest of his House. His skin is slightly tanned like the rest of his people. His upper body is much stronger than it looks due to the fact his favored weapon is a bow. He has a long scar on his chest, from right shoulder to under his left nip. When not in Ceremonial Armor he is in a dark woodland green cloak and a tunic and pants of the same color. His usual leather boots are well worn. Never seen without his bow and a well stocked quiver.

    Background and Other Info -
    History: Scale of Io from House Taiir. Born and Raised in the tower, he started training from a young to wield the weapon of his house, the longbow. Early on he showed a proficiency in it not often seen anymore. When he was young, he saw a tournament to become a Scale of Io, and from then on he decided to train harder than ever before to become one. By age 19 he was the best bowman in his House. He also had started training in sword play and while he was a bow master, he only became good enough to survive with a sword. Eventually he won a tournament and became a Scale of Io at age 24. After he became a Scale of Io, the Black Dragon Bow was gifted to him.

    Personality: Cain is a very serious man and takes his duty of protecting the king very seriously as a result. He also enjoys a good challenge and anyone who wants to test their bow against his will find their challenge readily accepted. Due to his serious nature he isn't very funny, although he is known to crack a gallows joke every now and then.

    Weapons: Black Dragon bow (made of black dragon bones) with a draw weight of 200lbs and a regular undecorated steel sword.

    Abilities/Skills:Extremely skilled with a bow. His effective bow range is also longer than normal due to his bow's draw weight and also because he has Hawkeye, which gives him extremely sharp vision. His sword skills aren't exactly the best. Most of his sword talent is set to help him defend himself more than kill his attacker. Essentially deadly at range and mediocre up close.
  5. Name: Ano Sora
    Age: 54
    Weight: 175
    Height: 6' 0"
    Race: Deuntian Human
    Appearance: Tall and tan, Ano is covered in scars from his many battles in the sky from his days as a member of the Unity Guard. He has long white hair, a long white beard, and wears the wrinkles of stress all over his face. His skin still retains some of it's old tan hue. Often wears a set of blue robes and boots and always carries his mace from his days as a Unity Guard.

    Background and Other Info -
    History: Ano Sora was born and raised in Unity City and as a child aspired to become a priest, like his mother. That all changed when his mother was brutally murdered when he was 10. After that he was filled with a vengeful rage and made it known he wanted to become a member of the Unity Guard. After many years of training he proved himself able enough to lead a flight. One day he discovered that the pirates who had killed his mother had been spotted again and he flew to take them on. There were no survivors. The ship crashed and Ano returned to the Capital with the captain's head. He was promoted to Ranger and because of his actions, became a national hero. He retired from the Guard at 40 and that same year he became a member of the circle. He is now a well respected leader and general, with the best 50 Rangers directly under his command.

    Personality: Calm and tactful, he has changed much from his days as a Unity Guard. With his blood colder than before, every one of his actions has some subtle goal that only he knows.

    Weapons: Chain Mace and Life Magic

    Abilities/Skills: Uses his mace from his days as a Unity guard and is still proficient in its use even though he is slower than he once was. Experience and skills usually allow him to beat his challengers. He is also a Master of Life Magic and its uses.

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