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Avatar: Legends Awakened [SU Thread]

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by The Kakuzato, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. Air; Water; Earth; Fire;
    ~ Legends Awakened ~

    For ten thousand years, we have been complacent.

    In a distant future where bending has been almost completely displaced by technology, the Harmonic Convergence is soon to come, and thus the Avatar, whose presence hasn't been recorded for hundreds of years, must be found once again.  Even if only to calm down the masses that have been spurred into riots.  However, new threats have appeared... Could the Avatar actually be needed once again?
    For better or for worse, we are happy,


    The Brotherhood of Nations:
    The Earth Coalition
    The Northern Water State
    The Southern Water State
    The Fire Union

    Traditional and Bending Areas:
    Ember Island: Fire
    Kyoshi Island: Kyoshi Warrior traditions; minor Earthbending population
    Foggy Swamp: Water (With focus on Plantbending)
    All four Air Temples: Air
    Si Wong Desert: Earth (With focus on Sandbending)
    Poles: (Both the North and South poles.  Specifically, the Spirit Forest areas around the portals to the spirit world.  However, these areas are heavily guarded) Water

    Please PM all profiles to both Starr and me as you finish them. We're not SUPER strict, but we just want to make sure everything's all good.
    [b]Personality:[/b] (This is absolutely not necessary at first.  However, it would be very, very nice to see it after a while.)
    [b]Nationality:[/b] (Which area of the world are they from?  If they're from one of the centers for bending mentioned, then specify that instead)
    Is our happiness real, or is it all engineered?
    Maybe a disaster is what we need, to start living once again.
  2. RE: Avatar: Legends Awakaned (SU Thread)

    Name: Akio Hanada
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Awkward and kind of a geek. Has pretty low self-esteem. Can be rather cynical, but that mostly comes out of annoyance (And he's easily annoyed).

    Nationality: Fire Union
    Background: When he was young, Akio was always made fun of for claiming to hear voices of people from the past. Even after years of testing, he was never found to have anything wrong with him mentally, thus he eventually just started to try to ignore them and deal with it when he couldn't.
    Other: He is, in fact, the Avatar.
  3. RE: Avatar: Legends Awakaned (SU Thread)

    Name: Lì húa Qiuyue
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Like most girls of her age, she is quite sweet and goes out of her way to make people smile. Li has a fierce side that most people do not know. She can be quite ambitious with any goals she puts out for herself, doing everything possible to get what she wants all at the same time being a fairly good sport when things don’t go her way or as planned. However, she is pretty emotionally unstable. From the lack of proper respect in her life, she tends to be quite aggressive and a little too emotional when something personal hits her like an offensive remark or a lie. She can also be a little stubborn and stick to otherwise painful things as long as it rewards her with some companionship. With those emotions and other things in her, that is when her fire scorches the most. [Might change along the line]

    Nationality: The Fire Union, raised in what was formerly Senlin Village [Presently: Nakong City]
    Background: Lì húa had always lived a very peaceful and downright extravagant life in Nakong city alongside her fairly-wealthy uncle in the heart of the Nakong cityscape glory of entertainment and business. Raised without her parents due to an accident they suffered in an expedition when she was merely a 2 year-old, Lì húa grew up without the usual mother-father influence most children had, therefore she was often ridiculed for being an orphan. She wasn’t alone, though. Through the love and care of her male caretaker, Lee, and her nana, Yue, she grew up with the values and morals of the average, middle class mindset as opposed to adhering to the often rare teachings of her wealthy bourgeoisie uncle.

    After a few years with her uncle, she saw a much darker side of life one night while at home. Her guardian uncle, under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, attempted to take advantage of her as she slept. Thankfully she escaped momentarily due to her nana and Lee fighting him off, but their fate was soon sealed when her two most important figures of her life fell to the floor in a cold and silent thud. Under a harsh wave of utter shock after the event, Lì húa dashed out of her uncle’s home in a daze without even taking a minute to look back. Immediately after, she initiated her life as a lone girl under Nakong’s “Runaway children program” [public housing] The entire event was too traumatizing for the girl, reminding her about the loss of her parents and how she needed them in this terrible time. At that point she decided to dedicate her efforts in investigating their deaths and maybe finding a better future for herself through works of kindness and comfort on knowing her parent’s fate.
    -- Lì húa doesn’t believe in a materialistic lifestyle, therefore she never wears extravagant skirts or dresses; or even cuts her hair. This is due to her mind associating materialism with her uncle, who was all about that.

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