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Ashes of the Fallen - Sign Up/Information Thread

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Spaughtyena, May 7, 2012.

  1. Prologue.

    The sounds of the wind could be heard for miles as the soft breeze swayed the long tufts of grass along the rolling hills of Auvern. The land was tinted a beautiful navy as the moonlight shone over the land. On the west side of the plains were two boys, their skin touched by the warm and comforting light of the fire they shared. They smiled and laughed, enjoying how it echoed through the land, with no one around to hear their childish antics. both boys reveled in this sort of outing, free of any duties or issues that came up in everyday life.

    The fire began to die down just as the sky began to darken. It was there that they both lie, staring in tranquility of the beauty that surrounded them... even a whisper could be heard for miles, carried along the wind like a feather, floating blissfully to a soft landing in the ears of one another.

    As they both fall into a slumber an echo is heard, it stood out like a gunshot, and made both boys snap from their bliss. They rolled over in turn and looked at one another, their green eyes piercing into each other. The boy on the right was first to speak, his voice a hurried gasp of air that cut out of his throat like a knife. "Did you hear that?!" he says. The other boy didn't answer, he simply nodded.

    As they stood up it was evident that an effort to search for the source was in vain, as the fire provided only slumbering coals, and the night offered a darkness that only rekindled their fear. Another sound could be heard, rolling across the plains like thunder. it was a roar of carnage, yet subtle enough to only be heard by the two boys, suffocating in anxiety. They held onto one another, afraid of what might happen if they were to let go, expecting the darkness would swallow them up like the sea.

    There they stood, silent... every sound seemed like something from a nightmare. Even the wind became a sinister reminder of the true dangers of being alone... Every time it brushed past them it was like a pull, readying to take them away... Eventually the silence overtook the plains, and only the moon could be seen, casting a dark silhouette of the surrounding trees, now seeming walls of arms and claws ready to grasp at them.

    The boys began walking, knowing every step took them closer to safety. They walked in the darkness still unclear as to what they were afraid of, but the feeling in their gut kept them on alert. Another twig snapped to the right of the boys, resulting in a scream that carried itself through the night, causing a cloud of crows to scatter into flight, only adding to the atmosphere that their imaginations had so easily created. The second boy spoke, his voice shaking and making it evident that he was close to tears. "I want to go home! Please let's just go home..." The first boy looked at him, and held him close, knowing his next words were all too true. "I don't know where home is..."

    A thunderous noise broke the silence, and the ground began to shake. The boys looked around in fear but their eyes couldn't see in the darkness that still surrounded them. The boys broke off from one another and ran, unsure of which way they had dispersed themselves.

    As the first boy ran he heard the sound of screams of the other boy, he ran towards the screaming, only to see the second boy pinned to the ground by a large hairy creature. The first boy stood in horror as the second made feeble attempts to kick the beast off. His attempts were stopped cold when the beasts' lupine muzzle angled itself and tore his throat out. The second boys screaming was replaced by a sound of a popping and bubbling from the blood that now flowed out of him.

    The first boy skidded as he ran in terror of the death that now steadily chased after him. He ran screaming for an assistance that would never come... The boy ran, his heart pounding, seeming ready to burst out of his chest. In the confusion of his fear, he tripped -- and the beast was upon him. it tore at his clothing, the leather coat he wore providing little protection from the razors that dug into him. All at once he felt the claws dig into his stomach, and rip him open like a bag, soon his contents were lifted out of him and swallowed by the beast, and as the light slowly faded in on the boy, he saw the beast curl itself into a ball, and slowly become a slim, sleek human man.

    As the man turned around he wiped the gore from his bottom lip. He smirked at the corpses he had created and walked off slowly into the distance singing an eerie melody, mocking the peaceful relationship the boys had previously cherished. "If you go into the woods tonight you're sure to get a surprise..."

    After moments pass we see the man walking over a grass hill and look to his right with a smile. "Enjoy that?" his question was directed at a wave of shimmering air that slowly revealed itself to be a vampire. The sleek vampire wore black robes with small linings of red along the seams. "I just wish you used a knife and fork.." the vampire chuckled after he spoke. his sarcasm was met by an unamused look. "Oh, why the long face?" The vampire smiled. "You had it coming."

    The lycan turned his head to the right, as he watched a bat fly over and land itself in a tree to the left of them, moments later a flash of yellow light tranformed the bat back into a vampire. she was sitting with one leg limp hanging from the tree's limb. Her glossy red lips and black hair shone in the moonlight. "You two had enough fun? The moot... it's waiting for you two, they sent me out to get you. better not make them wait any longer, lest they skin you both." she smiled, she enjoyed being the messenger it allowed for the best threats.

    The male vampire sighed. "Right, I suppose the'll want to do something about PURE... we best go then, thank you." he gave a quick nod to the female and made a brisque pace back towards Sorrowkeep. The lycan began to jog along side the male vampire as the female returned to flight. "I don't understand why we have to moot at Sorrowkeep... It smells like shit, don't you ever wash the cobblestone?!" the male vampire smirked as he spoke back. "Really? I though you'd be used to that by now... sharing such a similar odor." The lycan simply grunted in irritation, obviously upleased about how much he was opening himself to the vampire's comebacks.

    Eventually the trio faded off into the dark horizon, soon to see what the moot had to say, and what the two faction had come to an agreement on...



    In the land of Auvern you will be taking the role of a Lycan, or a Vampire. They each have civilizations on opposite sides of each other on the edges of a cliff. In between them sits the City of Jerome, where the humans reside.

    Long ago the two demonic faction ravaged the city, day and night, as it provided them with resources otherwise not found in Auvern. After centuries of living in fear, the humans made a deal with the fiends, accepting to live in a dictatorship, and forced to provide bloodbanks and meat from the recently deceased to satiate the masses.

    The treaty remained unnaffected for 3 centuries, But as the city shrank, the demonic population grew, and soon Jerome couldn't give enough resources to support there demonic overlords. With fear for their last remaining population the city of Jerome began assembling an army in secret while they struggled to sustain the masses.

    10 years of researching finally paid off for the humans. PURE (Paranormal & Unnatural Racial Extermination) had finally arisen. PURE's first order of bussiness was to stop providing The vampires and lycans food and any other resource, to weaken them for a time, then they sent elite teams of soldiers to assasinate the rulers of each keep.

    Now the two keeps are at war with PURE and anyone allying themselves with them. Now you (the players) have been summoned to attend a moot of the two factions, so that you may plan your assault on Jerome, and at PURE.
  2. RE: Ashes of the Fallen - Sign Up/Information Thread

    In the world of Auvern the fiends that you will be playing are generally loyal to their clan, whether it be Lycans or Vampires. Since you'll be playing the part of an evil alignment, generally speaking your looking to do harm to the humans, and spare no mercy.

    Another point I'll make is that this module is mean to focus in on the realism of how unlikely survival would be for humans during a werewolf attack, or alone in a cave with a vampire. This module will try at its best to scare manipulate and kill you, so watch out.

    Since this is free form, not alot of base combat will happen, mostly it will be the bad tactical desitions that get you in trouble.

    Anyway without further ado, Ta-Da! The races:

    (Please note that all races have a weakness to crosses imbued with faith, and any place of a divine nature ie: A church. Meaning that werewolves cannot transform and vampires can't undergo and changes either.)

    Lycan: Lycans are humans with the ability to transform into half-wolf hybrid. They live on the western side of the canyon that surrounds Jerome, their city is known as Carnal. They are extremely strong and have amplified senses, such as hearing or smell. They are good at physical challenges and are an asset to any party because of their hardiness and strength of will. Sadly like any powerful being they have weaknesses, these include Silver, Wolfbane, Belladona and holy water. If a werewolf goes without feeding for 48 hours it is considered to be in a weakened state, and will be affected more by its weaknesses. (Silver and holy water cause a burning, in oppose to wolfbane and belladona are an effective poison against them.)

    Lycan Subtypes:

    Garou are a slimmer, bipedal form of the Lycan breed. Though not as physical as other werewolves, they still are commendable for their strength. Upon transformation they gian around 30lbs. and gain 1ft. in height. they are able to speak, use equipment and retain their heightened senses.
    These Lycans are the sterotypical hulking mass of mucle and fur you see in the horror films. They live up to their name as being the most physically brutal race. On transformation they gain 100lbs. and 3ft. of height, Making them an ideal "wrecking ball." Unfortunately this subtype is driven completely by instinct, meaning that they cannot speak or use equipment other that throwing large heavy objects at people. They can understand simple commands and still show loyalty to those they are with when transformed.

    Vampires: Vampires are humans that have been infected by vampirism, they have an eternal lust for blood and are pale skinned and bear sharp fangs. Vampires are considered to be undead and in turn are souless, meaning they have no shadow or reflection. Vampires are intellegent and have been known to seduce or manipulate people to do their bidding. Vampires are weak to holy water and sunlight, both burns them to the touch instantly. They are also weakened by the presence of a holy nature much the same as werewolves. If a vampires goes without feeding for 72 hours it is considered to be in a weakened state, and will be affected more by its weaknesses. Often Vampires are associated with nobility. The Sorrowkeep inforces that exact that stereotype, and is a massive castle fit for many kings and is located on the east side of Jerome.

    Vampire Subtypes:

    Bloodstalker: These vampires are masters of stealth and deciet, moreso than any other vampire. They look like any other vampire except their eyes are shades of Orange or Red, and they can turn invisible at will. They can also use manipulation to effect the behavior of others to a point.

    Nightwing: Vampires with the ability to shift into a bat at will. meaqning it can use the abilities of echolocation, and can fly. unfortunately when in bat form they also gain its constitution, and a bullet while in bat form will do much more than in its original state. These vampires are marked by having Blue or silver eyes, and are usually faster than all other races.

    Lycan Lifestyle:
    Lycans live on wooden platforms held up by large stilts. their civilization overhangs the great valley of Auvern and casts an eerie shadow over the west side of Jerome, known as the "moon district." Werewolves live a simple native lifestyle that includes hunting, feasting and grand storytelling sessions. They city they live in is known as Carnal. All werewolves revel in the light of the full moon, and often use it as an exuse to throw away the treaty for a night to "go hunting" which usually involves running through the plains and eating as many humans as possible. Carnal is led by a chief druid, who oversees all rights of passage, and performs rites of birth and death as necissary.

    Vampire Lifestyle:
    Vampires are raised to be noble at birth. They are raised in a place called Sorrowkeep. It is a giant castle that has woven itself into the eastern cliffside with perfect expertise. They eat the finest food, and drink from the purest of individuals. They are well dressed and usually formally trained in the arts of fencing and combat skills. Vampires are led by a Master vampire, who leads a strict dictatorship over the keep. Vampires freely intigrate themselves into human culture and are almost never suspected of their true nature.
  3. RE: Ashes of the Fallen - Sign Up/Information Thread

    This is the character format for this RP.

    Name: (Name of the character.)
    Player: (who's playing this character?)
    Sex: (Character's Gender)
    Type & subtype: (Lycan or Vampire, and what kind?)
    Height: (Obvious)
    Weight: (Obvious)
    Physical Description: (Tell us a what your character looks like.)

    Personality (How does your character act?... why?)

  4. RE: Character Section.

    Name: Besor Blackmourn
    Player: Cid
    Sex: Male
    Type & subtype: Vampire, Bloodstalker
    Height: 5"2
    Weight: 115 Ilbs
    Physical Description: Besor is a male Bloodstalker with red eyes, and black hair. He is about 46, which is a pretty young age for a vampire and usually has his hair combed back into a few spikes. He wears a black cloak with a red inside, and usually wears a black Tuxedo, although when he goes out into the field to either drink blood or battle, he puts on a set of black leather armour, which has a hood on it for slight sun protection, although this is usually only used in extreme emergencies as he is rarely ever caught in the sunlight.

    Besor at first glance seems to be a bit of a charmer, although if you delve deeper into his mind, you find that he is actually a sadistic vampire with an extremely large lust for blood. Because of this, he often ends up drinking more blood then is actually required, causing his eyes to be a deep, blood red. Despite this, he remains completely loyal to his clan, and for now... the werewolf clan.

    Besor in the end hated his life as a human. Days would go by were he would not go outside, as he had no friends what-so-ever. All of his family had died, for one reason or another, and he was close to going suicide. Eventually he started going a bit paranoid, and blamed the vampire race for all of his troubles. He went up to the vampires home with a make-shift dagger and went to exact his "Revenge". Once up there though, he obviously was not the winner of his battle as he is now a vampire. Now, he has had one of the best times he has had in his life, as he has been able to go out and exact revenge on the people he hated through biting them, and making them end up hating their life, however this turned out to be the oppisite for him, as he loves being a vampire.
  5. RE: Character Section.

    Name: Alexey Minachov
    Player: Dark
    Sex: Male
    Type & subtype: Vampire; Bloodstalker
    Height: 6''4"
    Weight: 215 lbs
    Physical Description: Alexey is of a tall, slender build with auburn hair and dark orange eyes. He tends to prefer wearing fancy business attire over the more traditional garb his clan wears, however he is not a businessman. Carries a conductor's baton in a small box in the right-hand inner pocket of his blazer.


    Generally formal, much like many other vampires. Tends to swear in Russian (very fluent in it due to his heritage) when frustrated or being hurt by the sun, mostly so nobody can understand what he's saying. Will tell someone to go away if he's busy scoring for orchestra.

    Generally quite rough with cornered prey, however there have been known to be exceptions to this.

    Prefers to be called Alex by English-speakers, as it is easier for them to pronounce it.


    Alexey, or Alex as most call him, was originally raised in Russia well over two hundred years ago before his family emigrated to the Jerome area in 1864. He is well-versed in both English and Russian, and uses Russian to name many of his orchestral pieces. He is both a composer and conductor for orchestra and choir, and is usually quite busy during the day (though this is oftentimes intentional as he can easily avoid burning to death outside by working during the day) scoring pieces or revising his previous works. His life as a vampire has granted him the ability to continue improving his skills as a composer while outliving many of his colleagues by hundreds of years, something he is very thankful for.
  6. Here's hoping it isn't too late to join this, and that this profile is alright.

    Name: Rellan 'The Phantom' Adder
    Player: Eebit
    Sex: Male
    Type: Vampire
    >Subtype: Nightwing
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 173lbs
    Physical Description: Rellan is a thinly-built man with a disturbingly pale complexion; his skin is nigh-translucent, as one can see his veins if they were to look hard enough. Otherwise, however, the skin remains a striking marble white. He keeps his black hair slicked back, as it reaches to the bottom of his earlobes in length. He has very distinctly humanoid features, though his eyes are typically bloodshot and his irises are a listless silver. He covers himself with a thin piece of cloth, cloaking his eyes from view so as not to accidentally lure in an unwanted attaché. He garbs himself in a tuxedo and tophat. Rellan's muscles are hardly prominent aside from his leg muscles, allowing him to be incredibly quick on his feet with shocking agility. His reflexes are equally as good, allowing him to escape the scene if the need should arise... though he is known to be more of a predator than prey. Light on his feet, as well as being quick and dangerous score him his nickname, along with his ghostly silver eyes.

    Personality: Uncaring, stoic, stone-faced. Rellan is a man of few words, though he has a tendency to be rather... persuasive and diplomatic. He also has a slightly refined taste about him, allowing him to be mildly sophisticated in a world of night-preying barbarians. When speaking, his voice tends to be very soothing and hypnotic, with powerfully enunciated words and intonations that either drive the unprepared to insanity or to follow his whim. He does not prefer to prey on humans, and though he does require their blood to feed, he is more than willing to get it through other means, such as lurking until prey is felled for him to swoop in with his speed.

    Biography: Rellan is native to the city of Jerome; born and raised there, though his parents were not exactly prevalent figures in his life. He wandered too far out one night during the endless strife and hunting areas of the warring factions, and was picked up as a young child by a suspiciously kind-natured vampire to protect him from the Lycans. He was never returned to his human parents, having instead been brought back to Sorrowkeep to be raised in secrecy under the ways of the vampire. It was through this that his strange 'gift' of persuasion was noted, and also his detest for the more savage ways of his Bloodstalker brethren. Upon maturing, he was bitten, and from there Rellan was forced to learn to become a true vampire; dominating the night with his speed, and his new abilities to transform as a Nightwing. He was certainly up to the task that was thrust upon him by Fate's hand.

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