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ARKNET Reborn Profile Thread

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Nebulon Ranger, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. ~General~

    Name: Korran Myrdon
    Sex: Female
    Age: 42
    Weight: 164
    Height: 5'7"
    Race: Felidi
    Description of Physical Attributes: Korran has golden-yellow fur and crystal-blue eyes that makes it easy to spot her at times when she is staying still. She wears tattered and worn-out jeans, on her lower body, that has a tiny opening for her tail to roam free. She also has a black jacket/vest that has a torn-up smiley face on the back of it to cover up her upper body from those perverted Lycans.
    Theme: Will add one in the future.

    ~Powers and Perks~


    +Manipulation of Fire Element: Korran can manipulate the Element of Fire in anyway she seems fit, like creating, changing, or removing it.
    +Techno Wiz: An odd power, Korran can manipulate the technology around her by making it be able to work, shut down, or even come alive in some cases.

    Skills: Speed, stealth, and Skill in Aerial Combat(ie. When in the air from jumping)


    Weapons: Hand-made Bow and Arrows, two pocket knives, Spiked Boots.

    Apparel: Smiley-Face Vest, tattered Jeans, Spiked Boots.

    Miscellaneous: Diamond-chained necklace.

    What is known from what she tells people, Korran had a bad run-in with Lycans when she was younger and now thinks ill of all Male Lycans.


    Name: Blaine Toshido
    Sex: Male
    Age: 22
    Weight: 173
    Height: 5'9"
    Race: Genetically-altered "Human"(in that he's not like normal Humans)
    Description of Physical Attributes: Blaine has silk-white hair that extends to the base of his neck and covers his ears. His raven-black eyes express the need that he feels to be secluded from others based on his past and present, and maybe even the future. He tends to wear black sweaters a lot, no matter what the weather is like, and and also wears black jeans that have holes at the knee areas.
    Theme: Scars - Papa Roach

    ~Powers and Perks~


    +Necromancy: The reanimation and control of the dead, making them server the user and manipulate however he or she wants it to.
    +Bone Wielder: A special Power at which Blaine can take out the bones from his body and use them as a weapon, yet his body structure is unaffected.
    +The Shadow: Another unique powere where Blaine can hide himself as a shadow in dark places, not letting his presence be known to others.

    Skills: Combat, Survival, Stealth


    Weapons: Sharp-edged sword, dual pistols, extendable pole(think DBZ)

    Apparel: Black Sweater, Torn Jeans, gun holsters, sword holder.

    Miscellaneous: Red pin with a skull on it, ring with a black mist in it.


  2. ~General~

    Name: Reverend Brookhurst Townshend
    Sex: Male
    Age: 97
    Weight: 240lbs
    Height: 7'8"
    Race: Lycan
    Description of Physical Attributes: (What your skin/Fur looks like, its ok to be snazzy!)
    Theme: (Character theme. Optional, but it adds atmosphere.)

    ~Powers and Perks~

    Powers: (Max three, as per rules. Layout below.)

    +<Name>: Descrpition.
    +<Name>: Descrpition.
    +<Name>: Descrpition.

    Skills: (What's your character strong in?)


    Weapons: (Any weapons? Not necessary, but recommended! 4 Maximum)
    Apparel: (Place any and all apparel that grants a benefit to the wearer here.)

    Miscellaneous: (Any other equipment.)

    Brookhurst does not carry much, and likes to take what he can get when he is able to get it, weapon-wise. He keeps a pair of LeMat Revolvers strapped to his waist as an assurance that nothing will go wrong. He carries a copy of the Bible with him, though there are bloodstains evident under where he normally holds the Holy Book. He dresses in a dark grey cloak that covers his entire body aside from his face, along with a bowler hat of the same fabric.

    Brookhurst is what one could consider a ‘rogue priest.’ He is, ironically, an Atheist holding no beliefs in higher powers. However, he still preaches the very religion his father and his father’s father before him preached as a man of tradition. This, along with years of practicing the art of medicine has allowed him to create the illusion of performing ‘miracles,’ which is, in fact, quite good for the business of preaching.
    Brookhurst is not one to hold people in high esteem; his respect is impossibly hard to come upon, as his standards are simply unrealistic. He is by no means a pacifist, either, carrying light guns around in order to keep himself safe and alive. Those who have caught word of Brookhurst’s ‘miracles’ and the truth behind them usually do not live long to tell the tale. These deaths hold no power over our dear Reverend; however, as he considers their deaths ‘collateral’ for the wonders he performs.
  3. Name: Jay (self-given)
    Sex: Male
    Age: 19
    Weight: 146 lbs.
    Height: 5'8"
    Race: Human with [unwillingly-implanted] Ithzon wings
    Description of Physical Attributes: Other than those large dusky bat wings newly attached to his back, Jay has a typical body. He has adequate muscles, but his build would most accurately be described as lithe. His hair is a deep blue and strikes swiftly around his head in tight spikes (he has thin, black eyebrows). Jay's eyes are an almost teal color, though border more on a dark green full of depth than blue.
    Theme: It's So Wonderful

    ~Powers and Perks~


    +Jaywalk: A new power that further increases his mobility. Jay can, with a slight thought, bend space while walking to decrease the distance in front of him. (Perhaps most accurately described as "Blink Step") He can only bend the space for himself; can only bend space in a straight path; and each 'step' can't exceed 10 yard's length. He becomes an ephemeral blur while Jaywalking, but doesn't become invulnerable; as short as each 'step' is, if a bullet is travelling in the same path, bending space won't allow the bullet to pass through him. Nor does Jaywalk allow Jay to 'step' past or through solid objects.
    +Immolating Hex: Jay's native superpower. By physical contact only, Jay can force a harsh acid into a victim's body. The devilish substance immolates and quickly floods through any biotic [living] matter, typically reducing a whole human to less than so much as ash in under 10 seconds. The acid doesn't work too well on anything mechanical, dense, or solid. Perhaps it's something found in the cells of animals that keeps the acid going strong on it's ravaging tide...

    Skills: Despite his fit body, Jay isn't too strong. Despite his wings, he can't really fly. And even though his superpower is guaranteed destructive when he can get close enough to use it, Jay's most notable and intimidating skill is easily his mind. Combine a sharp, observational brain with a dangerous passive-aggressive style, and you get Jay's ruthless mentality that can see straight into the heart of the matter with an icy, indiscriminate gaze. Such a mind works well to accommodate Jay's willingness to manipulate other people, but it leaves his skills at friendly socializing at practically zero.


    Weapons: Since Jay has always been able to use Immolating Hex as his primary offense, weapons haven't been necessary; but he does seem to like carrying around injection needles recently...
    Apparel: Jay doesn't wear anything to cover his torso now that he has wings, but he can always be seen wearing his long black cargo pants and simple black tennis shoes.

    Miscellaneous: Jay stole a small mind puzzle from the same place he got his Ithzon wings from. Just a small little thing he entertains himself with when there's nothing else to do.

    "I grew up on Earth. *scoffs, as if this fact must be obvious*".
    "Yeah, I had a family. *says nothing more on the subject*".
    "I was just your usual teenage boy. *obviously lying, just waiting for you to go away*".
    Questions about his past will get nobody anyplace. Have it be said that Jay had a necessity to master his superpower, Immolating Hex, while growing up and leave it at that. Jay has a very live-in-the-moment ideology, and values nothing more than freedom. The only thing you need to know about him now is that he'll do anything in order to keep the ability of determining his own future.

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