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ARKNET Reborn Profile Thread

Discussion in 'Profile Threads' started by Nebulon Ranger, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Of course, we'll need to see your characters! If you're unsure on what would be overpowered or nonsensical, drop me a PM!


    Age limits: Since obviously a toddler won't be able to truly tell good from evil, here are some limits:

    Humans can be in the range of ten to eighty years old.

    Lycans can be anywhere from 18-180.

    Felidi, being feline, are slightly longer-lived than Lycans, and can be in the range of 24-195.

    Fallen Angels are unable to die of old age, so really anything goes here. Just make sure to use a "mature" dead body.

    Promethei, being robots, are much the same as Fallen Angels.

    Ithzon and Thenast share the same average limits as the Lycans.


    Lycans are a race of canid humanoids. They're great fighters and usually know their way around firearms the best. They can also live to be 200 years old.

    The Felidi are feline humanoids, and are as such much more flexible and suited to stealth than their canine counterparts. They are also slightly longer-lived, with an average lifespan of 225 years.

    Fallen Angels are the spirits of the deceased in a reanimated corpse and as such are unable to die of old age. Given their power as spirits, they tend to have an affinity for magic.

    The Ithzon are a humanoid bat race, and as such are well-suited to reconnaissance and scouting. They live around the same length of time as Lycans.

    Thenast, being weasels, are generally smooth-talkers, hence the stereotype "Able to weasel their way out of anything." Much like Lycans, they can expect to live 200 years.

    The Promethei are human brains inside a robotic body, and while they can technically live forever, if their brains get knocked from their holding compartments, they'll die fairly quickly. They tend to run on batteries.

    Do I really need to explain Humans?


    [b]Name:[/b] (obviously, the name of your character.)
    [b]Sex:[/b] (Gender of your character.)
    [b]Age:[/b] (Simple.)
    [b]Weight:[/b] (Simple)
    [b]Height:[/b] (Simple)
    [b]Race:[/b] (Race goes here. Filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler.)
    [b]Description of Physical Attributes:[/b] (What your skin/Fur looks like, its ok to be snazzy!)
    [b]Theme:[/b] (Character theme. Optional, but it adds atmosphere.)
    [i][b]~Powers and Perks~[/b][/i]
    [b]Powers:[/b] (Max three, as per rules. Layout below.)
    [i]+<Name>:[/i] Descrpition.
    [i]+<Name>:[/i] Descrpition.
    [i]+<Name>:[/i] Descrpition.
    [b]Skills:[/b] (What's your character strong in?)
    [b]Weapons:[/b] (Any weapons? Not necessary, but recommended! 4 Maximum)
    Apparel:[/b] (Place any and all apparel that grants a benefit to the wearer here.)
    [b]Miscellaneous:[/b] (Any other equipment.)


  2. ~General~

    Name: Jack Evans
    Sex: Male
    Age: 28
    Weight: 195 pounds
    Height: 6'9"
    Race: Robotically-enhanced Lycan
    Description of Physical Attributes: Jack is a six-foot, nine-inch tall, black-furred Lycan with slate grey eyes and a long mane of silvery-white hair surrounded at the roots with a red head band.. Generally opting not to wear any upper-body clothing, he can usually be found wearing only his jeans and kung fu shoes.
    Theme: ParagonX9 - Red_13

    ~Powers and Perks~


    +Invisibility: Can become invisible to those around him.
    +Intangibility: Can make his body and anything he is holding able to pass through solid objects.

    Skills: Very acrobatic, skilled in ninjitsu and the usage of one-handed blades. Also quite stealthy.


    Weapons: Adamantium katana (unbreakable.), Scanner watch with built-in shuriken launcher, M-305X explosive shurikens, normal shurikens.

    Shuriken bands.

    Miscellaneous: A/V communicator built into watch.


    To be revealed throughout the roleplay.


    Name: Judas Numidius
    Sex: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Weight: 195 pounds
    Height: 7'4"
    Race: Lycan Vampire
    Description of Physical Attributes: Judas, or Jude, is a white-furred, blure-skinned Lycan with watery blue eyes that change color depending on how hungry for blood he is. He can usually be found wearing a suede jacket with a black shirt underneath and a pair of blue jeans.
    Theme: Idle: Tomoya Ohtani & Mariko Nanba - Wave Ocean ~The Water's Edge~; Running: Tomoya Ohtani & Mariko Nanba - Wave Ocean ~The Inlet~

    ~Powers and Perks~

    Powers: (Max three, as per rules. Layout below.)

    +Manipulation of the States of Water: Jude can manipulate all the states of water as well as become any one of them for a period of time.
    +Psionic: Jude has control of the functions of the conscious mind, as well as the ability to read them. His mind is also quite hardened against external threats, so probing it will be a chore.
    +Vampiric Abilities: Jude is able to reach speeds of 80 miles per hour in short bursts.

    Skills: Built for speed.


    Weapons: two whip swords that appear to be made of unmelting ice, known as the Arctic Blades and two desert eagle pistols.

    No armor to speak of.

    Miscellaneous: A gem that is tied to Hammerspace so he can store anything he finds.


    Jude was born to the Lycan god of water, Itius, innumerable years ago. Originally intended to keep the water cycle turning, he eventually became too powerful for it and ended up flooding a small portion of Bolivia by accident. Becoming a vampire at least fifty years later, he has been alive ever since, gaining in power.

    Jude is an avid musician, having learned most known instruments in his long life. His instruments of choice are the piano and organ.


    Name: Azzan 'Dark' Dmitryus
    Sex: Male
    Age: 108
    Weight: 248 pounds
    Height: 7'6"
    Race: Lycan/Ithzon hybrid
    Description of Physical Attributes: Azzan's coloring is standard fare for a Lycan -- grey. However, his spectacularity lies in the fact that he is half Ithzon, and possesses a set of bat wings with a span of 7'5". Because of this, he never wears upper-body clothing out of necessity. His eyes are a deep red and he possesses pale red hair styled into a mop.
    Theme: Lee Brotherton vs Jun Senoue - Dreams of an Absolution (LBvsJS Remix)

    ~Powers and Perks~


    +Manipulation of Ki: Dark can use Ki to both his offensive and defensive advantages.

    Skills: Combat.


    Weapons: One silver longsword that can reflect light to show a path, Silverlight. A guitar and amp linked by Ki that can be used to deal ranged damage.

    No armor to speak of.

    Miscellaneous: None to speak of.


    Azzan was born to a rather odd family -- his upbringing was an Ithzon father and Lycan mother, and as such, he has adopted traits from both races, such as the ability to fly from the Ithzon and the combat prowess of the Lycans. More to be revealed later.
  3. Name: Erkin Asper
    Sex: Male
    Age: 32
    Weight: 120
    Height: 5"0
    Race: Fallen Angel
    Description of Physical Attributes: Erkin is a male Fallen Angel of average height with black wings, Black Wavy Hair coming down to about his shoulders, and has a scar above his right eye. He is also fairly skinny.

    In General: Cave Story - Cemetary
    Angered: Cave Story - Zombie
    In Battle: Cave Story - Opression

    ~Powers and Perks~


    +Plane Walk: Erkin will appear to be invisible, with the exception being his shadow, which ends up forming a medium sized circle on the ground where he moves. He can attack while using plane walk, although there is a chance that he will lose concentration and not be able to maintain the ability.

    +Bloody Stab: Erkin can make his arms move at an incredible speed, which when he has a blade weapon equipped, he can do a quick stab which leaves a clean cut, which will slowly start to bleed out faster and faster until all blood in that region of the body is gone.

    +Vampric Blade: Erkin can channel the power of the dead for a short time to preform a fast stab, which can then be held in the body of the enemy he stabs into, and then absorb the life energy right out of them. Can only be used once per 4 hours Ingame.

    Skills: Stealth, and Dual Wielding


    Weapons: Steel Dagger, Steel Shortsword.

    White Leather Armour, Black Leather Boots, Black Gloves

    Miscellaneous: Copper Amulet

    Erkin was a human criminal in his past life, although now he believes that having become a falen angel that he has been given another chance. So he is trying to spend his current life repenting his old ways, however he still has maintained some tactics he learned back then, such as the ability to drain life energy, However he does not use this very often now, and usually only in self defence.

    Name: Rose Montaya
    Sex: Female
    Age: 19
    Weight: 90 Ilbs
    Height: 5"6
    Race: Human
    Description of Physical Attributes: Rose is a Female Human, and is just a little bit taller then the average girl. She is fairly skinny, and has brown hair. Her hair is usually tied back so it does not get in her face, mainly so it does not interrupt her concentration.

    In General: Cave Story - Access
    Battle: Syrsa - Entrail

    ~Powers and Perks~


    +Persuasive Action: Rose has extremely good skills in personality, and intelligence so usually she can figure out what someone likes simply by looking at them, and can then use that to persuade any person they feel.

    +Medical Aid: Rose has a large knowledge of the body, and how it works. Because of this she is able to quickly diagnose most injuries and diseases, and quickly cure them if the materials are had.

    +Chemical Knowledge: Rose can use her knowledge of chemicals to do a range of things to poisoning weapons, to even creating a bomb if she had the time.

    Skills: Intelligence, Medical Aid


    Weapons: 35mm. Pistol, used mainly for self defence.

    Lab Coat, Goggles (Usually Worn on fore-head)

    Miscellaneous: Copper Ring

    Rose, ever since she was born has been extremely smart. By the age of one, she could do 100 piece puzzles, and was potty trained. By the age of two, she was doing math of a grade level up to 3. She also was speaking in complete sentences by then too. By the time she was in highschool, she had a 4.0 average, and had 100's in each and every one of her classes. She still had not found this to satisfy her smarts though. She always looked for ways to challenge her, but she always overcame everything that was thrown at her. She soon became bored... until she found out about this.....
  4. ~General~

    Name: Drudo S'vett
    Sex: Male
    Age: 42
    Weight: 172lbs.
    Height: 6'0"
    Race: Lycan
    Description of Physical Attributes: Light brown fur, with cream coloured stomach, has radiant purple eyes, and is well toned.He wears a battle suit that is silver, and and green in color, it fits snugly to his body.
    Theme: Timesplitters: Future Perfect -- Title theme.

    ~Powers and Perks~

    Powers: (Max three, as per rules. Layout below.)

    Augmented hearing. Drudo can hear sounds and echoes from extended distances. (around 1 mile.)
    Mental Hack. Drudo can use his own mind to mentally hack into computer systems and other machinery.
    Damage Reduction. This is Drudo's main power, and is going at a constant rate, his cells are bound together in a unique biological weave, making it very resistant to damage, and protects him better than even kevlar or iron plate.

    Skills: Skilled in Firearms, techological use, and Tracking.


    Weapons: "Raven" APDM (All Purpose Defense Mechanism.) This peice of tehnology is a morphing peice of engineering that is able to take the shape of a High caliber assault rifle, to a sword, and can be split in two to make either dual pistols, or dual knives. It is black in colour with Green lights adorning it.

    Apparel: Carbon Steel battlesuit, made to resist normal and laser fire, is very light. (about 10lbs.) and comes with a helmet, that can construct itself around the entire head, when a button on the wrist is pressed. the helmet has an oxegen filter that can protect agains most poisonous gasses.

    Miscellaneous: 1 Walkie talkie, 4 days worth rations. Hammock hanging supplies (currently bound up and tied onto back.)

    Drudo lived as a simple boy, grew up strong, got good grades in school, it was only when an add for the army came on did he get an Idea for what he wanted to do. He signed up almost a week later, and got a scholarship to a university, where he would learn about all the things neccissary to surviving in a war-like situation.
    2 months of training later and he was shipped off to fight the first ever known attack of the Relekath, his squadron. (about 5 other men) were taken out easily as he attempted cover fire, soon he was overwhelmed and forced to retreat, he held himself on the edge of a cliff, where he though would be his final stand.
    At some point during the fight. (as it is even unclear to Drudo when exacly the next bit happened) a missile was fired, and hit him in the chest -- dead centre, and he was sent reeling off the cliffs edge. He was battered and smashed as he fell down the cliff , but as he landed on the bottom, he was amazed to see he could stand just fine, and that he had almost no injuries at all.
    After he made a quick escape, he entered the captain's tent, and expained what had happened, after a few confirmations from other soldiers in the battle, and a final cursory examination of his injuries, Drudo was given leave for a short while, as they had other plans for him..
    3 Months later he was conscripted to join the rest of the heroes on the Relekath's home planet, and as a reward for succeeding, he will be given a place of honour among the heroes of earth, and given many medals of honour denoting his courage... if he survives that is....


    Name: T.E.N.
    Sex: Male
    Age: 1.4 Billion yrs.
    Weight: 500lbs.
    Height: 5'7"
    Race: Prometheus
    Description of Physical Attributes: Brain placed in blue-gold head casket, (Shaped as Jackal head.) has silver lining around eyes, torso is made of fortified wood planks, and easily reveals Steel gears, and a battery powered by Naos, a powerful liquid that allows him to run for years without fear of needing to recharg. Left hand is prehensile, and right arm is replaced with a plasma cannon, that can shoot through most materials. feet and hands (as well as cannon) are lined with blue gold. his "veins" (tubes that carry the naos to his other bodyparts) glow blue. T.E.N.'s Voice is monotone, and similar to microsoft sam, however he is not stupid...
    Theme: (Ammonia Show -- Anubis Gate)

    ~Powers and Perks~

    Powers: (Max three, as per rules. Layout below.)

    Protective Rage: If T.E.N. is in a situation where his fellow team members or someone close to him is in dire need of help, his Naos glows a bright red, as well as his battery, and he becomes a killing machine, having to remorse or further thought, and any damage done to his is still affecting him, but is easily shrugged off during the rage.
    Levitate: For a short period of time (around 1min) ten can levitate over gaps and other things, while levitating he is propelled 10ft. above the ground.
    High Intellegence: T.E.N. May have a slight slouch, and he may walk and talk slow, but his inner workings -- his brain is a mathmatical goldmine, and he is able to solve most functions easily, as well as interpreting situations, and trying to think of the best way to get around them.

    Skills: Mathmatics, Biology, Physics.


    Weapons: Tempered Iron Longsword, Ion Cannon. (Basic Ion, and plasma)

    Apparel: Steel case to protect his back, as it is most exposed. shinwraps. (made of cloth) steel neckguard.

    Miscellaneous: 1 extra battery. holographic GPS

    T.E.N. was born 1.4 billion yrs. ago, during that time he lived a peaceful archaic life. Eventually when draught and famine plagued his peoples lands he was asked to commune with the gods, to forgive them for anything they had done to anger them. he spant many days in the temple, but after 2 months of prayers to no avail, his kinsmen needed a scapegoat, they turned to his, and brutally sacrifced him on an altar, took out his brain, and placed it into the body he floats in today.

    His original name Kastan Halloud, is something he will never look back upon, he has embraced that he is a Prometheus, meant to protect his home from any and all things that threaten it, and it is there he met with Judas, and Jack, though he was slow to make friends, he was even slower to forget, at his reunion at the capsule bay he was overjoyed with reaccompannying them on this venture, and swore that he would protect them, and everyone else, no-matter what.
  5. ~General~

    Name: X (pronounced Key) Blayd (Yeah, not to original, but still awesome, and doesn't actually relate to the character)
    Sex: Male
    Age: 20
    Weight: 154
    Height: 5' 9"
    Race: Ithzon
    Description of Physical Attributes: X is light and somewhat short, even for his age, but this allows him to perform aerial manoeuvres easily, even though most Ithzon wouldn't be able to do them without years of experience. He has little fur, as he is more humanoid than most of his kind, but the small amount on and around his wings is light brown. He has topaz eyes, and wears dark jeans, and o black t-shirt with holes cut for his wings.
    Theme: Vanitas' Battle theme (KH:BBS

    ~Powers and Perks~


    Aerial Manoeuvrability X is an extremely graceful flier without practice, and can outmanoeuvre anyone aerially.
    Echoed Heat X can create sound waves that create an intense heat.

    Skills: Echolocation, Hunting, Time Telling


    Weapons: A bow and 8 arrows, arm guard with retractable blade

    Apparel: A quiver

    Miscellaneous: Has a watch, used to bend light to blind others, as he can tell the time by instinct.


    After leaving home when he was 13, X lived in the woods, hunting, and learning of his power. He had always known he was a great flier, but had didn't develop his second ability till he was 16. When he did, it made hunting a lot easier. He eventually wound up in a town, and used his power to a rob a shop. He then realized that he was to morally strong to do these things, and confessed and spent a time in jail. He now resides in a forest again, until the Relakath started hunting him down. He's now running from them constantly, never in the same place to long.
  6. Name: Blaine Toshido
    Sex: Male
    Age: 21
    Weight: 136 lbs.
    Height: 5'9"
    Race: Enhanced Human
    Description of Physical Attributes: (What your skin/Fur looks like, its ok to be snazzy!)
    Theme: (Character theme. Optional, but it adds atmosphere.)
    ~Powers and Perks~


    +<Necromancy>: Blaine is able to revive the bodies of this who have departed to serve him until they aren't of use.
    +<Name>: Descrpition.
    +<Name>: Descrpition.

    Skills: (What's your character strong in?)


    Weapons: (Any weapons? Not necessary, but recommended! 4 Maximum)

    (Place any and all apparel that grants a benefit to the wearer here.)

    Miscellaneous: (Any other equipment.)

  7. ~General~

    Name: Nathaniel
    Sex: Male
    Age: 17
    Weight: 179 lbs
    Height: 5' 10"
    Race: Human
    Description of Physical Attributes: Nathaniel has a lithe form, having a toned figure but not quite having a big build. He has red-brown, close-cropped hair that seems to not like pointing in one direction and deep amber eyes. He sports a black hooded thin-fabric long-sleeved jacket, having a short-sleeved thick leather jacket over (not covering the hood, however). Skin-tight, dark blue jeans line his legs and Earth-made Converse Chuck Tayler All-Star sneakers adorn his feet.

    ~Powers and Perks~


    +Telekinesis: Use the force, young one.

    +Symbol-caster: Spells through the use of symbols, one can be very tactful if they use the right symbols.


    Mind-Compression- a highly dense mind can fit more, store more, and provide quicker thinking than an air-head.

    Contortionism- having a lot of double joints adds some flavor to movement.

    Echo Catch- ears built to catch a faint whisper, a slight echo, even reverberation from long distances for quite a long period of time.


    Weapons: Heirarch Blade- a silver sword with a 30" blade made of a regenerative steel and a large crystalline orb adorned within the center of the "cross" of the hand guard. It swirls with a strong blue energy.

    Apparel: Other than his normal attire, he has under his T- and pants very, very small and thin diamond-shaped metallic mail that protects against some forms of blunt strikes, but mostly against sharp edges and piercing blows.

    Miscellaneous: Lost Pendent- A silver pendent on a silver chain about Nathan's neck, it is in the shape of a demon head, a large diamond in it's fanged mouth and folded silver wings protectively around it.


    Coming Soon to an ARKNET near you......
  8. Name: Zachariah Dusk
    Sex: Male
    Age: 28
    Weight: 195 pounds
    Height: 6'9"
    Race: human (vampire0
    Description of Physical Attributes: Zach is about 5'9" with his left arm being adamantium based robotics same with his legs he has long black hair drawn back into a pony tail that is about mid back he has crimson gold eyes and a thin scar threw his right eye he has a small mustache and goatee

    ~Powers and Perks~


    +manipulation of Inanimate matter (excluding self as in can chage parts of him self)
    +teleportation (usually in a cyclone of bats)

    Skills: he is very fit he is a master at blade to blade combat as well as marksmanship and is a decent street fighter


    Weapons: Adamantium longsword (unbreakable.) 2 p99 and a midnight black Mavrek 6 shot revolver (look at the nerf mavreick for what it looks like)
    Apparel: he has a old brown leather duster . with a z-space back pack he has a neakless which is his only link to his past and black military sun glasses

    Miscellaneous: he has a inf-cell laptop with 59 terabits of memory

    bio: Zachariah is a drifter usually around deserts and towns like that he lost his arm and legs his arm when he was a night in the early med-evil days then both legs fairly recently they have been replaced with Adamantium limbs the reason he is a drifter is everywhere he goes bad things follow he also caused the death of his girlfriend he has thus never forgiven him self so he is withdrawn and cold
  9. I need you to explain three things in greater detail.

    First, manipulation of inanimate matter; What exactly does this mean? Because inanimate matter could imply pretty much everything around him which is beyond slightly overpowered. Not trying to say it can't be done, I just need some explanation.

    Second, the motorcycle; How did he fit it in the pod? Dark was able to fit the guitar because it's rather small and lightweight, which is more than I can say for a motorcycle.

    Finally, teleportation; Any limiting factors here? For example, not being able to teleport to somewhere you haven't been a la Elder Scrolls fast travelling?

    That and a few grammar fixes and you should be good.
  10. 1 matter that is not living and with in mind range
    2 good point

    3 if he can see it such as picture or physical even if he cannot if it is fairly close
    and a note z-space is identical to hammer space only with weightlessness
  11. So, going by one block = one metre, and afaik Ender Pearls travel around two chunks in any direction, that's 32m? Okay, that's acceptable.

    Zero Space as in what's traditionally called Hammerspace? Jude has that gem so I suppose that works.

    How far is said range? Any specific measurement?
  12. actualy i updated his teleport see if you like better i used the movie jumper as a base for it
  13. The teleporting to somewhere based on a picture could seriously mess up the flow of events, so I'm going to have to say no to that.
  14. fine syrim teport
    and minds range is wth in 100 m
  15. 100 metres is a tad far. I'd say 75 m is good.

    I was perfectly happy with the Dawnguard-esque teleportation too. Why not use that? :p
  16. you know, dispersing into a cloud of bats?
  17. And that's exactly what I liked. Keep going with that. :p

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