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Arcane Inquisition OoC

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by CodasterTheDisaster, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. 25/3/2016

    Everybody's character sheets have been edited to fix an issue with stat spreads.
  2. C A T F I G H T  B O Y S
  3. Permission to 'disrupt' the other team?
  4. I don't see why not! I mean, it'd probably piss off your prospective squadmates... but as long as it's in-character, I feel like it'd be fine. After all, we're just blowing up some dummies. Seems pretty harmless to play around a bit.
  5. Hey Coddy bb

    Is it possible that the leaders of the Inquisition gave its members a phrase to say in order to communicate that they are, in fact, members of the Inquisition? Just something that happened to cross my mind while writing Evelyn's response to the fight.
  6. Ah, hadn't thought of it. I suppose we'll have to come up with something!

    I suppose one of the spies should ask a particularly-worded question, and wait for a particularly-worded answer or answers.
  7. Inquisition callsign update:

    Questions to alert other members:
    "What d'you guys think about this mess?"
    "We sure are lucky to have these teams, yeah?"

    Question 1:
    "It's a damn sloppy mess. We don't have much of a choice, but it could be dealt with a hell of a lot better."
    "We shouldn't have to militarize the citizens. Then we're no better than the rest of the world."
    Question 2:
    "Yeah, at least this way we can watch each other's backs. We're brothers in arms now!"
    "Sure. But I don't like the idea of going to war against the goddamn world government. I don't think even we could hold back nuclear fire."
  8. I'll(Eebit will) be able to update as soon as @"Irouk Inverse" and @CerberusLycan post :^)
  9. I'd been talking to Cerby a few days ago, and I was wondering... I don't suppose it'd be at all possible to have Arcane Inquisition set in the Manaverse proper, would it? I mean, we're already using Manaverse mechanics right now, and we have a (mostly) blank slate of a planet in the form of Terra with only a handful of roleplays set there. It doesn't seem too farfetched to have Arcane Inq be placed there, too. And it might serve as a developmental springboard for future things, too.

    Just brainstorming, really. I'm not privy to what Cody has in mind as the GM of AI for down the line (I'm just the hired help to do the gruntwork), but I feel like pulling it into the fold, so to speak, might be interesting. If anyone has any qualms with this suggestion, do say so~
  10. I'm fine with it being integrated, but remember that this iteration of Earth/Terra is different and mana has only recently appeared in the reality of AI's universe.
  11. Ahead of this update, I'm going to go ahead and make some notes:
    - Fuck you guys and your Cell-setting A-Skills overlapping each other omg.
    - Added the swanky tooltips from Recursion -- go ahead and hover over each Unit and you'll see a brief heads up on the Unit, their Profession, current HP...
    --- Retroactively adding them into the previous update, as well. Please wait warmly...
    - Calastion's Innate did not activate because... it's a Dummy. It's not going to get intimidated.
    - No X-Levels (nor Bonus Exp) will be awarded for KO's/Perfect Kills in the practice scenario. Again, the opponents are dummies. These characters won't feel the same surge of Excess in this case that they would if the enemies could fight back.
    - Serrulata is getting reworded so as to make its effects clearer -- Cody, if you could update Lily's profile (and Update Log) to reflect the change, that would be great.

    + Serrulata: Creates a large fireball and causes it to burst, showering an area with small flames. Creates an area that deals 30% fire Int damage to units occupying the area for 2 turns. The area is a 3x3 square. Range: 4 cells. 6 MP

    + Serrulata: Creates a large fireball and causes it to burst, showering an area with small flames. Sets Serrulata Flames [Denoted {-} / When Landed or Passed, and upon Placement: 30% User Int. Fire Damage / Interacts with Water and Ice Elements / Duration: 2 Turns] on Target Cell + Surrounding Cells. Range: 4 Cells. 6 MP.
  12. Eebit pls. DeVa's sole job is to make everyone else's more difficult :D
  13. But I thought that was restricted to in-character stuff ;--;
  14. What if I told you that I am DeVa? :O

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