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Arcane Inquisition OoC

Discussion in 'Out of Character Discussion' started by CodasterTheDisaster, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. So what roles are we looking at, here? I haven't settled myself on what character or role (or faction, for that matter) I will be putting into the metaphorical ring, so I'd like to get a sense of what we're looking at.

    In addition... Cods, could you post here for posterity the tech level we're looking at? And also, a question -- would people from the Inquisitors faction also have a disposition towards controlling Mana? Or are they strictly to be science based?
  2. I'll most likely end up with a sustain-oriented Atk. DPT.
  3. Inquisition have no ability to manipulate mana; it's strictly Arcanian. However, the energy (EN) resource will be available. It effectively acts the same as mana, but with more restrictions on what a character can learn as far as skills. The level of technology is roughly modern, slightly more futuristic. Think Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Robotics and cybernetics are starting to make advancements but there's nothing too crazy.

    The MTF/Arcanians are more advanced due to their ability to use mana and magitechnology. Also, 'magic' materials such as adamantine and mythril are accessible to all factions. Inquisition can still deal Int damage, even without using mana.

    EDIT: Also, I'm going to  be playing a hybrid bruiser.
  4. Some information about Arcania. City and academy layouts, some corporations of interest. 

    Arcania is layed out in a large circle, with the academies placed where the points of a pentagram would be.  The center of Arcania is the 'downtown' area, where most corporate headquarters are. Around this area is where the malls, restaurants and night life are. Past this are is where the houses and aparment complexes lie, with the most expensive housing being closer to the center and the slums being closer to the wall. From here to the edge of the wall is farmland and greenhouses. Thanks to the druidic magic, the lifeless sands of Ferrumont were turned into lush meadows. Each of the academy suburbs are designed similarly; the academy is in the center, with student and researcher housing circling the campus. A small amount of grassy meadows and forests act as parks past that.

    Elemental Academy (N): Hartlieb Academy of Elemental Magic
    Artificer Academy (NE): Rutherford Academy of Magitechnology
    Alchemist Academy (NW): Iosia Academy of Alchemy and Metaphysical Sciences
    Conjurer Academy (SE): Sied Academy of Conjuring
    Druidic Academy (SW): Sylvania Academy of Life and Nature Magic

    Vemel Corp - A company specializing in megitech, especially body modifications and cybernetics

    Densky Incorporated - Specializes in androids and cybernetic development, rivals with Vemel.

    Trident Technologies - Predominantly a weapons developer and manufacturer, though they also make less militarized products such as computer chips and monitors.
  5. I was considering an assassin of sorts, possibly one that used cloaking/invisibility. I have no idea which faction yet but if cloaking isn't a thing or everyone ends up being damage (as is the case in many circumstances) I believe I can just use Tonelli instead.
  6. Cloaking is in its early stages. No turning invisible and running around, but someone standing still could become indetectable.

    EDIT: You could also move slower and remain harder to detect, assuming the person using the cloaking is also using magic to make it more effective.
  7. Hrm, well that throws a wrench in my plans. Was going to have someone use a cloaking suit supported by natural psychic abilities but I'll have to do something else entirely.
    (Easier to literally just turn magically invisible >.>)
  8. Well with magic, yes, someone could turn invisible. I thought you meant through technology alone.
  9. But that kind of ruins the character idea so I'll have to do something else.
  10. Did I say Atk. DPT oops I meant melee Int. bruiser.
  11. Did I say assassin? I meant minor nuisance
  12. @"Muddy" @"Eebit" have you two decided on  what roles you'll be playing?
  13. I have not. Admittedly I've been a little behind on the character creation process. I'm going to roughly say an ATK Bruiser of some sort but I have yet to actually work out any of the details yet. Sorry fam.
  14. nbd. At least you have something set up :p
  15. I don't have any firm ideas (Haven't stopped to fully contemplate any due to finals week), but I've been leaning towards some kind of support-ish character that deals damage with INT. Don't expect much healing from them, though.
  16. ayy friends, I'm gonna need those profiles soonish
    @muddy @cerberuslycan
  17. IC is going up late tonight. If your profile isn't in I will be starting without you.
  18. @"Irouk Inverse" are you still interested?
  19. Yeah I've kinda been half-dead the past few weeks. Too many things to deal with, lots of pressure. It's gotten better, and I think I can get things back to normal

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