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am drunk when this post happened

Discussion in 'Спам Oстров' started by Spaughtyena, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. I am dumb, I decided to drink like lots of beeer and I am alone, so i am bored a s all hell. I thought it would be funny to reda this post thwn i am somber so I can laugh.

    If anyone else has gotten drunk and tried to type her, you sho9uld tell me, Im bet I will laugh.
    I only had like seven so it cant be that bad, but im skinny so i got drunk to fast and im alone.

    I hould do something funny

    I am out of drinks, which is good because I ORBLY WILL get sick if i drink anymre. I don't feel the best, but I am still typeing fiarly dfast an d stuff. I havent' had too mush stuff to drink only normal beers but i am still enhjoying the taste of them so don ANYBODYT DIS THE NIORMAL SHIT

    Sometimes I think that it would be weird for to see gay people drunk, and sometinmes i forget im gay, but then i remember, but it bugs me that i sometimes dont have thenaccent because it woulb be funny as hell

    ok i will stop typing now, because im cant stop laughing and i feel tired.
  2. Wait, being skinny means getting drunk faster? How does that work?
  3. Weird, Espy. I expected a Stuck joke from you.
  4. ^Ugh, tell me about it. I was about to make one but >scumbag brain decided to forget all my Homestuck knowledge because lolexams. I got good grades, though, but still, would have liked to be able to have at least some HS facts on my fingertiips...

    But since you asked for it...

    Spaught, you muct be Roxy's long lost brother—or love interest. *SHOT*
  5. lolhomestuck

    Chatting with drunks is fun, though.
  6. You will never forget this thread, Walker.
  7. Spaught you should come chat after you've gotten drunk again so we can compare how you act~
  8. I like how drunken people are a Grammar Nazi's worst nightmare.
  9. I still want to know why being skinny means getting drunk faster.

    Also I never understood the teenage fascination (nor do I the adult fascination) for alcohol and drugs. Someone kindly explain.
  10. First part- something about metabolism, I think.

    Second- psychology and sociology both told me that in the teenage years, human brains make decisions primarily based on emotion rather than sense and experience. At our age, we're in what is supposedly our most "vulnerable" state as far as suggestibility goes. Hence peer pressure. It's also a symbol of rebelling, which most (normal) teenagers find appeal in, the need to let ourselves make our own mistakes, and the need to experiment and build up our own experiences.

  11. I always thought it was because those dombe people loved being high, something which I don't personally like, </3 I've had alcohol once accidentally and got high, and vomitted very soon. I definitely did not like that...

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