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DISCUSSION Actors to Portray Your Characters

Discussion in 'Roleplaying Discussion' started by Eebit, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. We had a similar thread to this back in the day, when the Cult of Ustream had its own dedicated slice of the forums, but that has been long since shelved. And the thread in question pertained directly to the characters of the Cult of Ustream roleplay, so I thought I might expand on that original thread.

    So, here's the premise... If you had to pick an actor/actress to play your roleplay characters (or the characters of other users, if you can think of 'em) in a live action movie, who would you pick and why?

    Alternatively, if you want, you could list a voice actor to play the character in an animated series or a video game. The world is your oyster! Go wild!
  2. OK but imagine Kate McKinnon as the voice of Hraesvelgr (or at least the ZEJ Academy one) :5

    Captain!Eebit/Prompts!Eebit should be played by Steve Buscemi in a wig, Prompts!Rose has to be Anne Hathaway (but also I was watching Ant Man and for whatever reason Judy Greer also reminded me of Rose just a little bit), Prompts!Kam has to be Tatiana Maslany because I can't imagine her as anything else because of her icon (also it just makes the OB jokes funnier), Prompts!Cody is also Steve Buscemi but in a differnet wig and with glasses.
  3. @CodasterTheDisaster – Dreams on the Horizon. Just imagine it: Liam Hemsworth can play Erik, Emma Watson can play Jill, Octavia Spencer can play Mayella, and Colin Morgan can play Wesley.
  4. uh fuck I don't pay attention to actors anymore

    Well if we're just talking voice actors as soon as I heard Jason Bateman's voice in Zootopia (he plays Nick Wilde) I thought "This is Kyton as a fox, right here." Could also potentially voice Stry- they both have that sort of attitude to their voice that Nick does.
  5. There is no, and never has been an actor capable of the accurate portrayal Destiny.
  6. Do soap opera actors count? Because I have a ZIP file.

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