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2015 League of Legends Worlds Discussion

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Conjectures' started by Fallen, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. This thread is a little late, but the 2015 League of Legends Worlds Championship is upon us!  For those who don't know, League of Legends is a MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game and is one of the most popular online computer game at the moment.  League of Legends, LoL for short, was released in 2009, but it's first "official" world tournament was in 2011 for the Season 1 Championship.

    Anyway, let's get to discussing about the Championship so far!  I'll keep this post updated regarding the current standings, interviews, AND any other facts about this tournament.

    Group A:

    1. Counter Logic Gaming - 2 WIN 1 LOSE​
    1. KOO Tigers - 2 WIN 1 LOSE​
    3. Flash Wolves - 1 WIN 2 LOSE​
    3. paiN Gaming - 1 WIN 2 LOSE​

    Group B:

    1. Cloud 9 - 3 WIN 0 LOSE​
    2. Fnatic - 1 WIN 2 LOSE​
    2. Invictus Gaming - 1 WIN 2 LOSE​
    2. ahq e-Sports Club - 1 WIN 2 LOSE​

    Group C:

    1. SKTelecom T1 - 3 WIN 0 LOSE​
    2. Edward Gaming - 2 WIN 1 LOSE​
    3. H2K - 1 WIN 2 LOSE​
    4. Bangkok Titans - 0 WIN 3 LOSE​

    Group D:

    1. Origen - 3 WIN 0 LOSE​
    2. KT Rolster - 2 WIN 1 LOSE
    3. Team SoloMid - 1 WIN 2 LOSE​
    4. LGD Gaming - 0 WIN 3 LOSE
  3. C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9

    I'm really hyped about this Worlds. I've been a Cloud9 fan since Season 3, but I'm particularly excited to see them doing so well this year. I'm sure that analysts would argue a lot of different things, but for them to go from being a seventh place LCS team in what is arguably (from an analyst's perspective) the weakest region that isn't a Wildcard region to undefeated in a group that nobody saw them anywhere but fourth place is nothing short of what Cinderella stories are made of.

    The amazing gauntlet run, the miraculous "reverse sweeps," hanging on by the skin of their teeth to keep their circuit points from the Spring Split at the end of Summer... Hai truly is a tactical mastermind to be able to move the rest of the team around the board. It's a treat to watch Cloud9 doing so well, and I am amped.

    C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9 C9
  4. "By Far" the most stressful moment for me this season was Liquid and Cloud 9 in the Gauntlet finals, a fan of both orgs since Season 2 and 3 respectively.  But, boy am I glad C9 made it to Worlds.  The penta kill by Balls was just AMAZING, I'm pretty sure Yamato and Monte were speechless when C9 beat the crap out of Fnatic(holoholoholo).

    Another team that is doing phenomenal would be Origen, a lot of people called this team the Washed up Europeans and xPeke pass his prime, but did they prove everyone wrong this week.
  5. It's been pretty wild seeing Origen come alive, absolutely. Again, as a third seed from an LCS region, they had very low expectations. Fnatic was predicted to be the only team from Europe to have a chance to take the tournament, but it sounds like a lot of people have changed their tune after seeing Origen play -- and furthermore, systematically dismantle their opposition in Group D. They played an absolutely amazing (heh, puns) game against KT Rolster which surely put them on the tracks for a hype train. Their coach, Hermit, clearly has done a lot of work in whipping them into shape -- and they were already in pretty solid form at the end of the Summer playoffs.

    Also, sOAZ's backdoor was pretty phenomenal. Of course it'd be OG, Peke's team, to pull off that kind of strategy.
  6. A lot of Korean and Chinese players have been saying a LOT of good things about the Western teams, mostly Fnatic, CLG, and OG.  They also say that this year a Western team might be able to take the title.  Even Faker is getting a little unsure this year.

    For the Dyrus fans(Can't wait for you to come home bb)
  7. Hey guys, Week 2 is about to start in a couple of hours!  If you don't know what the schedule is like, here it is!

    Day 1: 10/08/2015 Thursday - Group A
    1. CLG vs KOO
    2. FW vs paiN
    3. KOO vs paiN
    4. FW vs CLG
    5. KOO vs FW
    6. paiN vs CLG

    Day 2: 10/09/2015 Friday - Group C
    1. SKT vs EDG
    2. Bangkok vs H2K
    3. Bangkok vs EDG
    4. H2K vs SKT
    5. EDG vs H2K
    6. SKT vs Bangkok

    Day 3: 10/10/2015 Saturday - Group D for Death
    1. FreeSM vs Origen
    2. KT vs Lose Group D
    3. TSM vs KT
    4. Origen vs LGD
    5. Origen vs KT
    6. LGD vs TSM

    Day 4: 10/11/2015 Sunday - Group B
    1. AHQ vs IG
    2. FNC vs C9
    3. AHQ vs C9
    4. IG vs FNC
    5. C9 vs IG
    6. FNC vs AHQ
  8. "KABUM sends their regards"

    Too bad for CLG. They had one of their best seasons ever, comparatively the easiest group draw, all five of their players, and still they drowned in the Group Stage. Kind of unfortunate for them, but still cool that they were able to win North America. That said, paiN played quite well throughout the entire group stage. They may not have advanced or gotten many wins, but they did make a statement -- they can contend with the best.
  9. If you think about it, if paiN beat Wolves and Koo beat the Wolves as well, paiN could've been the Second seed in Group A, but that didnt happen :/

    ANYWAY, congrats to brTT and his girlfriend!  brTT proposed to his girlfriend after the game vs CLG and she said yes!
  10. Group A, C, and D have been decided!

    Group A: 1st Seed - Flash Wolves
    2nd Seed - Koo Tigers
    3rd Seed(Tie) - paiN Gaming
    3rd Seed(Tie) - Counter Logic Gaming

    Group C: 1st Seed - SK Telecom
    2nd Seed - Edward Gaming
    3rd Seed: H2K
    4th Seed: Bangkok Titans

    Group D: 1st Seed - KT Rolster
    2nd Seed - Origen
    3rd Seed - LGD Gaming
    4th Seed - Team Solo Mid

    Quick Recap of Group B!
    1st Seed - Cloud 9 (3-0)
    2nd Seed(Tie) - Fnatic(1-2)
    2nd Seed(Tie) - ahq E-Sports
    2nd Seed(Tie) - Invictus Gaming

    Also, today was a Legend's final game.  One of the few reasons why i still liked TSM, Dyrus will be missed as a player, but whatever ventures he chooses to seek, I'm sure he'll do fine.

  11. Also, here's the Analysis desk after that interview.  Dash and Zirene sounded choked up :/

  12. tbh a lot of people were probably choked up after that Dyrus interview. I was feeling feels
  13. Well probably you guys won't see this till the morning but Dyrus is currently doing an AMA on Reddit.

    1. Fnatic
    2. ahq E-Sports
    3. Cloud 9 
    4. Invictus Gaming

    And with that lost in the tie breaker vs ahq, NA as a whole have gone 0-10 in week 2 :/

    ANYWAY, here is the bracket for the knockout portion of Worlds, ALL BEST OF 5'S

  15. Man, it started out so promising for North America... but unfortunately the knockout stage dreams were not meant to be.

    Best of luck to Fnatic and Origen both! I'll post my predictions before too long, surely. @CodasterTheDisaster will do the same, as we have a bet going on! ;D
  16. My predictions for Quarterfinals:

    Flash Wolves v Origen: Origen

    SKT v AHQ: SKT

    Fnatic v EDG: Fnatic

    Koo Tigers v KT Rolster: KT Rolster
  17. Flash Wolves (FW) vs. Origen (OG) -- OG 3-1

    SK Telecom T1 (SKT) vs. ahq eSports Club (AHQ) -- SKT 3-0

    Fnatic (FNC) vs. EDward Gaming (EDG) -- FNC 3-2

    KOO Tigers (KOO) vs. KT Rolster (KT) -- KT 3-1

    Might revisit with some reasonings in here later, just wanted to put something "on paper" so that I could solidify my predictions before I forget lol!
  18. Origen (OG) vs. Flash Wolves (FW) -- OG 3-1: Origen is looking REALLY strong right now despite the 1-2 week 2 showing.  Their triple threat comp is really scary especially with SoaZ in the top lane being able to play some meta champs(Fiora) and some of his old favorites from his time on Fnatic(Lulu and Kennen).  Niels and Mithy are a solid bot lane, having some amazing synergy together during the EU LCS Summer season.  If SoaZ or xPeke couldn't carry the game, Niels would do it without a sitch because he has faith in his support.  He REALLY deserved the Best Newcomer award he got.  I still don't know why TSM got rid of Amazing, and he showed how amazing he was during the group stages.  He can pressure his lanes very well and his presence is felt everywhere on the map, plus he isn't afraid of going ham.  Last but not last, we come to the Sex God himself, Cyan-I mean xPeke.  A LOT of people(critics, fans, casters, etc.) have been downplaying xPeke as a weak link and pass his prime, but they forgot about World's Buff xPeke.  This guy has been a solid laner throughout the tournament.  For the Wolves, I'll be looking towards Steak and Maple to be making some plays, if FW have a chance at upsetting it would be with these two key players.  Besides that, I think OG could have a chance at beating SKT(sorry ahq kek) if they play to their strengths and dont tilt out of existence coughtNAcough.

    ahq e-Sports Club (ahq) vs. SKTelecom T1 (SKT) -- SKT 3-0: There's not much to say about this match except that this will be a massacre. Their whole team is a threat, and that is not a lie.  Faker is one of the best, if not THE BEST, player in League of Legends.  Though he's had a lackluster performance so far, he hasn't lost lane and has been consistent in making sure his opposing mid laner doesn't have a chance to group for team fights.  And if Faker doesn't get ahead, they have the "Faker of the Top lane" MaRin.  Just like how SKT T1 K was built around Faker, SKT T1 S was built around its star player, MaRin.  MaRin has been an absolute MONSTER in summer AND groups stages so far.  He adapts so well to the meta and wins his lane it's no wonder this guy is the captain and the shotcaller for SKT.  If that's not enough for you, we have Bang, the Monster of Soloq.  If you thought the likes of WildTurtle or Faker were beasts of SoloQ, meet Bang.  This guy is Rank 1 on the Korean Server and is nearing there on the EUW server with under 80 GAMES.  After group stages he had a KDA of 71, so he can carry and assist his team AND still not manage to die.  Let's not forget about the guy who's been through hell with Faker, Bengi.  He gets a lot of shit from people, but you have to admit he does show up for his team.  Along with the support, Bengi is not afraid of engaging in and helping his team succeed in the team fights and win the game.  And Wolf...well he's Wolf.  Enemy ADC by himself under turret, let's dive is what he would say.  He enjoys playing the engage type of supports and isn't afraid of going balls deep, even if it means he ends up dying.  And Easyhoon is consistent in his own style of playing.  Whereas Faker is the guy who likes to go in a lot in teamfights, Easyhoon is fine with staying in the backline and poking down the enemy team with his amazing Azir.  I won't be shocked, okay maybe a little, if ahq take a game off SKT.  SKT will have to pull some pretty bullshit things to lose this game, sorry ahq but this is your game to lose.

    I'll do the other side of the bracket by the time friday comes.  But here is my take on the top side of the bracket for thursday and friday's game.

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