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Rules of "Real Talk"

Rules of "Real Talk"

As "Real Talk" is a place for serious discussion on current events, politics and personal issues, the rules for it are a bit tighter than the rest of ZEJ. This is intended to prevent (or at least dissuade) members from "going nuclear," as it were. Breaking these rules could result in having your "Real Talk" access revoked. Be warned.

"Real Talk" is, first and foremost, intended to be a platform for serious discussion. This means the following:

- Your fellow members are bound to hold opinions you may not find acceptable. Knowing this, try to avoid flaming or trolling them for it. This is more actively policed in "Real Talk," so staff will take notice if you try.

- Civility is key to a proper debate environment. Any name-calling or personal attacks will likely be met with action from staff. Keep that in mind.

- Jokes are A-OK, as long as they're topical and don't veer into personal attack territory.

- Overall, these rules boil down to don't be an insensitive prick. If you can remember that, you're fine to be posting in "Real Talk".

As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM or post a comment on the page of one of our active administrators: Keileon or Nebulon Ranger.